[APP][Pro] ID Lock App (v2.0.0)

The solution for me was to delete and include the locks again. Seems the security part broke, so it was only able to read basic commands from the door.

Thanks. For me it works a while. But everytime I restart homey it works again. Idk if it’s something with the z wave after update 8.0

I cannot get the “Someone unlocked the door” flow in my Homey Pro to trigger for my ID Lock 150 for PIN (code) unlocks - it works for unlocking from Homey and I haven’t tested with tags. Latest F/W used on both ID Lock and Homey. It worked once the other day for no apparent reason (no changes were made) but it hasn’t worked before then or since.
Flow is not triggered at all but I do get the normal events that the lock has been unlocked or locked.
I’ve played around with the trigger settings in the app but to no avail. Tried re-creating the code mappings as well as restarting the app. Any other ideas to get it working?

Check a old post in this thread that i made a while back. It covers how to do what your after. There is a issue with the app when it comes to what you want todo. But there is a way todo it as a workaround. As i said search for the post i made long ago in here regarding this :wink:

Thanks you mean the workaround to map unknown tag IDs to actual username? That doesn’t help me as the flow doesn’t trigger at all so I don’t get any value for the WHO parameter whatsoever. My flow is just pushing a notification to myself with the WHO parameter but as the flow never triggers I get nothing. As said, it works for Homey and button but not for codes.

You have to delete and add your lock again, seems like the secure connection has been broken (happened to me).

I have the same setup and problem as described by Ambush.

If I enable button in Triggers then Who triggers as button but no triggers activates from Codes or Tag.

Are there any updates on Zigbee support? I got the Zwave for my old lock but got an included Zigbee for a new ID Lock 150 and get seem to include it.

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@TedTolboom will this app be updated to SDK3?

Would also be nice to see support for zwave module fw 1.6, and additional functions like joco73 have added here: GitHub - joco73/no.IDLock: Homey app for Z-wave devices of ID Lock, to your official app on the homey store


please upgrade so its supported by the new homey pro 2023

Denne appen er ikke kompatibel med Homey Pro (Early 2023).

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Kan/bör man köra joco73s version istället? Den verkar ha mer funktionalitet.
Även den verkar vara dock vara 10 månader sen?

Yes joco73 version seems to be the newest and most updated. And if you have zwave fw version 1.6 you have to use it to get everything to work. I’m using it myself, but I’m hoping @TedTolboom eventually will update the official version or transfer the app to someone who can

Will there be support for Zigbee module?


Can you link to that version please?
Edit* To yaco73s?

Here: GitHub - joco73/no.IDLock: Homey app for Z-wave devices of ID Lock

Installation instructions:

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Hi, Is the update of this app to work with the new Homey pro (early 2023) on a timeline?

Any news if there is a update to the new homey pro? :blush:

@TedTolboom Can we please get a reply here? If you are not interested supporting this app anymore can you consider anyone else taking over this app. @Jonathan_Cohen and @runely are active and working on this, maybe they can take over? Commits · joco73/no.IDLock · GitHub


Can you recommpile for Homey Pro 2023


Im happy that there are community people developing stuff and I understand that time is limited on projects like this. Why on earth doesnt ID Lock them self promote app development for their own product ? Changing pin-codes / changing lock-modus etc… is that even possible through Homey ?

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