[APP][Pro] ID Lock App (v2.0.0)

Is the app updated to support the “new features” in the updated lock. E.g. new mappings for ID for entry codes etc.
I don’t really remember, but I have not updated the lock in order to avoid breaking the Homey app.

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Hi. Thanks for this great app! I just installed two id locks at my house and overall I’m very happy with them. I’m however unsuccessful in creating a flow that pushes a message with who unlocked the door. Please look at the attached screenshots of my flow. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know if there is any truth, but someone said it only worked for him if key1 and tag1 were set to same name (and so on for 2, 3…)

I´m having problem including my z-wave module into ID-Lock 150. The inclusion gets stucked after the first step (Mastercode*;2*;5) after that i get a time out and i have to try again.
So far i have updated the ID-Lock 150 to the latest firmware 1.5.9 and the z-wave module to 1.6.
I’m running Homey 7.1.1 and app version ID Lock 1.2.3.
I’ve looked everyware for a solution but without luck.
Do any of you geniuses have any idea? If so plz respond.
Kindly Brando

How can i find the ID og WHO?

Read the posts from Teddy, starting here: https://community.homey.app/t/id-lock-app-v1-2-2/161/171?u=ja.nei.johan


Thanks for a great app to a great lock.

Is there any way, to get a warning if the lock has been unlocked for 20min or if the lock has been unlocked even if the door is closed?

Sure. You just make standard flows. Eg for door unlocked you start a countdown when it unlocks and trigger a warning when countdown ends. Unless a lock action stoppen the countdown first.
For door unlocked when closed you just make an action when unlocked and check so it is open.

Anthing new here? Let me know i can help you :slight_smile:

No reaction received from IDLock. Please contact them directly.

@TedTolboom Do you have any API specification? I can gladly help if you need it :slight_smile:

Much appreciated, but next to building a device driver it will require completing Athoms Zigbee implementation to allow the lock to be functioning completely…

Any news regarding a zigbee version?


Hi! Any idea when the ID Lock app will be available on Homey Bridge? Thanks for helping out!

Any update on Zibbee support? Will it come?

At this moment not. I would recommend to contact IDLock for this, without their support I can’t add support for the Zigbee lock

Given the requirement from Athom that all apps released towards the Bridge are supported by the manufacturers, it will not be likely that the app will be released to the Bridge soon.
Also here, I would recommend to contact IDLock directly to ask this question.

Hi @TedTolboom

Any plans to add support for Z-Wave module 1.6? Ref: Idlock 150 zw_version 1.6 · Issue #28 · TedTolboom/no.IDLock · GitHub

Also there’s some kind of bug on the settings page not letting me set index numbers higher than 9. Ref: "Invalid field entry" with `index` over 9 · Issue #30 · TedTolboom/no.IDLock · GitHub

Even with joco73’s fork installed, i can’t set my indexes higher than 9, thus i can’t name my indexes correctly to know who came home

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Hi Ted,

What do u need for IDlock?

Hi, Im suddenly getting the TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_NO_ACK when trying to Unlock/lock the door, but all the sensor information seems to be submitting just fine to Homey (Z-wave). In Homey developer dashboard the locks are listed as Unreachable, so not sure how it can read sensor information.

Think this problem might have started after the Homey update to 8.0. Is locking/unlocking through the app working for others on 8.x, or is it broken for everyone. Have noe tried to remove and add the locks yet, might solve the problem.

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i have the same problemas kjetilk. Also some issue that the contact alarm does not always trigger and it say that door is open, when it is closed. Everything happend after advanced flow update on homey.