[APP] [Pro] Honeywell EvoHome

This is not a bug in the evohome app… I just tested it without any apps connected to evohomepanel.

If you set a zone to a temperatture in permanent mode and switch QA to away and back to auto the permanent mode will still be there,. This is by design (honewell)

So i think you need first switch QA mode to auto again, and then canel permanent mode on all zone one by one…

But i did see some errors in your diagnosticlog that has to do with the connection to the homeywell cloud. e.g. : ETIMEDOUT or EHOSTUNREACH
If this happens the put query from homey to honeywell will not be send,
Most of the time this has to do with unstable wifi (for Homey) or a unstable internetconection.

Now that honewell/resideo has announced there own official app (don’t know the relase date). I personly don;t want to put anymore effort in the current evohome app, this will be a waste of my time…

If you know how to CLI install a app you can download the orginal app from RalpD from his git GitHub - ralfvd/nl.bevlogenheid.evohome: Evohome client for Homey and install with the CLI.

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thank you @Mickel_Luiten

Good morning, @Mickel_Luiten first of all thank you for the app! Good job!

Is there a possibility to create an extra “and” cart?

“AND the temperature is higher/lower than …” For example.

That would be easy when creating a flow.


HI and thanks,

You can use the inbuld logic cards from homey to do that kind of stuff…

@Mickel_Luiten did not find that announcement yet. Where did you read this?

Unofficial statement from Athom after a little chat with them about they do not approve my Honeywell app for the homey(cloud)

For all evohome users,. The official Honeywell app created by Honeywell is live
For homey Pro and homey(cloud)

Check:Homeywell Home evohome App voor Homey | Homey

Sofar i have seen it has the same functionality as mine app but uses a new/improved API with oauth2 authentication

Community app offline?

As requested by this (community) app’s owner and topic creator.
This topic will be closed as Resideo Technologies (/Drenso) have created their own app for Honeywell Evohome.

This community app version has (apparently) also been removed from the appstore yes.
(Hopefully on good accord.)

Any further support (IE: issues) of their app should be done by their own support channels, links are on the app’s page.