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you realize that this will be solved when matter support is released? The app will be useless then :frowning: Appreciate your work on this, but you will have much work for nothing

Is it though… will our non-HomeKit supported devices be made Matter compatible through homey and presented to HomeKit? Please help me understand

Please go away.

What kind of reply is this?? It’s unheard. I’m trying to save you from a lot of work. Please explain your reply and stop being rude!

Yes, athom have said that homey will expose all devices to other matter controllers :slight_smile:

Because you keep repeating yourself, and I find your post to be rude.

I absolutely did not try to be rude. But i forgot about the old homey pro’s not getting matter support. So there will obviously be a need for your app also when matter is released for 2023 pro. Keep on doing your good work! i was just trying to save you from a work not needed, but of course it’s needed for older pro’s

Fair enough :slight_smile:

It’s not just that the old Homey Pro’s might not get Matter (theoretically they can), or that Matter support is planned for somewhere in 2023, but I also take cues from how Athom has implemented their own HomeKit support in the current Homey, which is a minimal implementation that doesn’t seem to get a lot of love, and I’ve always had the impression that the only reason for its existence is so that Athom can say that Homey supports HomeKit.

HomeyKit supports many more devices, and as an app it’s also much more flexible in terms of updates and bugfixes (to publish fixes/enhancements for the built-in HomeKit support, Athom has to publish a new firmware, which is much more involved).

So I’m reluctant when it comes to Homey’s Matter support and we’ll have to wait and see how well it will work and if it supports all devices or just a subset that Athom deems to be important.


It’s gonna be the issue. As just as it happens when you enable HomeKit experience, it makes a huge mess… it is needed to be set what and what not should be exposed to HomeKit.

Do I miss something? It does not work for me. All the states can be set well, even from HomeKit, but if I set alarm_tamper to true, no alarm signal in HomeKit.

I don’t know if HomeKit is supposed to act on a tamper alarm, will have to check tomorrow.

It looks like this is normal behaviour for HomeKit.

I had previously a security system integrated under HomeKit via HomeBridge and getting an alarm signal is definitely possible from HomeKit, the question is how with HomeyKit.

Btw. An other name suggestion for the rewrited app: HoneyKit :wink:

Robert, I support your stated direction.

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Some types of standalone sensor (like a water leak sensor) will cause HomeKit to sound an alarm when they trigger, but alarm_tamper isn’t such a standalone sensor, it’s part of the “Security System” service for HomeKit, which has an optional characteristic (capability) for when tampering has been detected.

I hoped that changing this characteristic would cause HomeKit to automatically sound an alarm, like with the standalone sensors, but it doesn’t, it’s just showing a “tampered” status.

In my HomeyKit rewrite I will explicitly put the security system in “TRIGGERED” mode when it’s armed and any of the alarm capabilities of the device are turned on (for now, those are alarm_tamper, alarm_generic, alarm_motion, alarm_contact and two Heimdall-specific capabilities).

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Thank you @robertklep !!!

Thank you @robertklep for the roadmap and being on point. Will wait for your updates.

New Homey is way too expensive for me and I definitely won’t swap all my Fibaro and other stuff for half-hearted Matter support.

Test release of HomeKitty available

HomeKitty, the follow-up to HomeyKit, is now available as a test app. See this post for more information.

HomeyKit in maintenance mode

Due to the release of HomeKitty, HomeyKit will, as of now, drop into maintenance mode, meaning that I will probably do one or two new releases (including an upgrade to SDKv3) but no more. Once HomeKitty is published as a stable v1 in the app store, I will ask Athom to hide HomeyKit from the store.

The latter should not has any consequences for existing users, but it will prevent new users from being able to install HomeyKit as a new app.