What is the best solution for to connect my Homey (early 2019) to Apples HomeKit

  1. The app “HomeyKit” by Robert Klep, last update: more then 2years ago, version 3.0.16 or…

  2. Homey experimental function “Apple HomeKit” by Athom B.V. Version 7.15 (latest version)

Or are the other and better apps, solutions to do this?

You can also install the test version of Homeykit, which is only 3 months old: HomeyKit | Homey

As for which version you should use, why not just try out all of them for a bit to see which one works best for you.

I use HomeyKit, which works fine. Except when sometimes all devices are in the default room. I didn’t release it was so long not updated.
I like the fact that you can choose which devices you push to HomeKit.
I never tried the Homey (forever experimental) solution.

Perhaps a good idea to share users of both solution their experiences.