[APP][Pro] HomeKit Controller - for a better Homey

The test version does the same thing. It seems as though it doesn’t know that the light switch is an on off device, it also throws an error when trying to identify the switch. I wonder if it has added the devices properly. The LightWaveRF gateway isn’t connected to any apple home controller and never has been connected. Might need to remove it from homey, connect it to Apple and then move it back again

if you go to the advanced settings of the device, there is a field JSON. Could you PM me its contents? preferable from the mobile app (that does not give all quoted values…).

This way i can checkout device behaviour without having one.

Hey Martin.

I just noticed that I now have 10000% in my VELUX blinds. 10000 - 0%

I can still operate them if I use the slider. But if I press the button nothing happens. I would expect it to go to 0 of 100%.

Ah sh$%%%^… will check out tomorrow