[APP][Pro] HomeKit Controller - for a better Homey

Just got my IKEA Dirigera, connected to my network (Ethernet) and updated it (no devices attached yet).
Installed HomeKit Controller test version 1.0.7 and tried to add IKEA dirigera, no success.

(Inga nya enheter har hittats = No new devices found)

Do I need to have any deviced connected to my IKEA Dirigera before I try to connect the bridge to Homey/HomeKit Controller?

From the log:

2023-12-18T16:45:32.056Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:hapIP] DRIVER UP HomeKitty 1433
2023-12-18T16:45:29.996Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:hapIP] hapIP driver has been initialized
2023-12-18T16:45:29.986Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:hapIP] discoverDevicesDNSSD devices Ready start browsing your network
2023-12-18T16:45:29.975Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:hapIP] discoverDevicesDNSSD
2023-12-18T16:45:29.232Z [log] [MyApp] Homekit Controller 1.0.7 has been initialized
2023-12-18T16:45:29.231Z [log] capturing stderr
2023-12-18T16:45:29.220Z [log] capturing stdout

Hi @Martin_Verbeek

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile: :+1:

As you said, now running with ‘HomeKit Controller 1.0.7 test ’. In addition I installed the just released Aqara FP2 firmware 1.2.4_0002-0066, since I had issues to add the FP2 sensor.
Finally I could add it again, but unfortunately the data was only updated once after installing. It seams, that I don’t get updated data from FP2 in Homey.

It seams, that the connection is refused:

could you give it a try with 1.0.8?

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No you don’t. But it looks like it does not see the bridge, it only sees homekitty. Anything you need to do to get it in paring mode?? For instance on the Hue bridge you need to press the button, to reveal itself on the network…

just looked on Google…
looks like you need to go into the app of IKEA and say connect to homekit, probably when it want you to scan the QR for apple home, do not scan, but go into Homey and try to add the device with the PIN.
(just a guess, no succes guaranteed :wink: )

I agree that it looks like HomeKit Controller doesnt recognice that IKeA Dirigera is in pairing mode.

I did as you said, Apple Home see IKEA Dirigera in pairing mode, bur HomeKit Controller does not.

If it is connected to Apple Home, remove it from Apple Home and try again in Homey. The bridge can not have two controllers

Its not connected to Apple Home :grinning:

Was not sure ;-), but for testing and if you have Apple Home, are you able to connect and remove it from Apple Home?

No problem at all with adding/removing IKEA Dirigera from Apple Home.

can you PM me the log from homekit controller app?


An other finding is that if I open Apple Home and start the process for adding a device then IKEA Dirigera is direct availible, so it doesnt seems that we need to start the process from IKEA Dirigera at all.

This blog post says the same thing, Koppla IKEA DIRIGERA till Home Assistant via HomeKit - Teknik i Hemmet.

Just found sort of the same, stating that you need to power cycle the bridge

Tried that with same result, its advitased in Apple Home but not in HomeKit Controller.

From Flame, will that give you something usefull?

It shows _hap._tcp which is what the app is looking for.
It will not show though when the device is already paired.

I will push a test version that will show all shortly.

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Can you press the _hap service and PM me the TXT entries if possible, then I do not need to push a new update

I have seen it. Will get fixed, I was under the impression that some heartbeat code was no longer needed. Will put it it back.

Thank you very much, Martin. 1.0.8 works.

Thanks for an awesome app Martin!

I currently have one bridge connected to my Homekit, which is Homekitty, but last night I realized that all my favourite flows have disappeared from Homekit (thus making me unable to use automations in HomeKit), I can recall that I’ve seen information regarding that you only can have 1 bridge, but does this app count as a bridge? Or can I have this app as well as the homekitty one? Because then I would be able to use the flowstarter?

Thanks for everything!

Thank you very much, Martin for your great work. :+1:t2:

Appreciating your efforts and you’re definitely contributing, that Homey Pro could be a nice solution in future for my use cases.
In combination with HomeKit (Siri), Aqara (Sensors, Cameras), Hue, Eve Energy, Harmony etc there are several hurdles to come over, till the concept in conjunction with Homey Pro is made and implemented. :slight_smile: