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Ah, so you added a climate entity but used a custom icon (water heater) what’s the same as for the water heater device :slight_smile:

Just to summarize…

  • you added the climate entity as climate device. Then you get some default capabilities (temp target/current) and the default hvac mode selection.
  • the Homey device is only showing the default HA modes. I your case, the flow card should show the custom modes from your climate device (off, heat).

When using the mode flow card, the service climate.set_hvac_mode is called with parameter hvac_mode: mode. This should also work in HA developer tools if you start this service there.

But in your case, it seems this are only some dummy modes and the real modes are defined in the select entity.
You can add this select.water_heater_mode in repair view to your climate device. Then you should get a new flow action to change the value for this entity. That should change the mode of your heater.

That’s the bad side of HA devices…it just a collection of entities :wink:

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Found it; the answer was in adding helpers.

Thanks Peter !

Thank you Ronny, correct.

You might be actually a step ahead - I did not intend by changing Homey HAC thermostat device (Water heater) states to directly change device / entity in the HA (because of the non standard / dummy modes) - I’m setting the states already different way using CALL SERVICE. But naturally it was never reflected in that particular Homey HAC Thermostat device as such, so I was thinking to check the states and update/reflect Homey HAC thermostat device state accordingly. But my problem is that by calling SELECT THERMOSTAT MODE , the Homey GUI / device do not change it’s state at all - I thought I can kind of force it using this action (and vice versa - if I will change it using the device, then using CALL SERVICE, reflect it back in the HA. I was trying to avoid Device capability virtual device but seems I have no other choice, correct? :slightly_smiling_face:

The thermostat device (and the mode) will only change when the mode changes in HA - or when you select a mode manually what will have no effect for you in HA.

However, if an entity uses non standard modes in a climate entity, you will never see the correct state in the device GUI, because this mode list is predefined in the capability definition.

But adding the select entity to your thermostat device, you will see the current mode as sensor.
You still can’t contol it via device GUI becaus it’s not possible to set a list seletion programmatically.
But you get the value synced back to Homey when the state changes in HA.
And you get a autocomplete list in the flow card. I thinks that’s easier that using basic service calls.

I don’t see another better way.

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Thank you, that was exactly what I suspected :slight_smile:

It is, no question about that - just having this setup for a year or so…

servicecall vs autocompl

Yep, just it was kind of attempt for perfection - as I can set the temps but can’t set the “thermostat” modes - but never-mind, I will implement workaround, based on changing temp, so “turn the heated on”, just it will have always this state :
HAC_termo HACdev

Thanks Ronny for the consultations, I really appreciate your support ! (hopefully will also help someone else when dealing with similar problem)

Btw, we have been dealing already with “non” standard Termostat modes for some other apps but in this particular case ,it’s probably really better to achieve it using Device Capabilities.
Eg. Raychem termostat :
probably using DC, I will use something like
obrazek (ignore labels) + UI Thermostat for temps…

You can also use buttons/switches for a select entity. I use this for my wallbox. Using the converter, you can easily convert the select state into a switch :wink:

Here is my example:
The HA selection:
It’s using the select.wattpilot_charging_mode entity.

So I added the select entity to my HA device, but not as sensor but as switch:

Using the select entity, this capability changes if the select entity state changes in HA.
To get the switch set to a corresponding state, use the converter:

(value) => {
  if (value == 'Eco'){
    return true;
    return false;

In this case, the button gets active if the select state is “Eco” and inactive for others.

If you click the switch, you have to sync back the change to the select entity with a flow:

  1. If alarm/switch turned on => set select entity value (you get this flow card because you added the select entity. This way you can easily select a valid value.
  2. Just the opposite case

Then I can use the device button in Homey:

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I keep being astonished by the ability of developers of Homey apps finding their ways :wink: (and some users like Peter :wink: Thank you Ronny, will test later !

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My advantage is knowing the technical background behind the scenes :upside_down_face: :sunglasses:

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Just ask here in the forum.

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