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Hi Peter,

how did you change and update the Homey device? The procedure should be:

  • changed compound in HA
  • restarted HA to reload the compound entity
  • repair Homey device (repair capabilities) or delete and add again.

Only this way, the HA entity has the new definition and sends the updates of assigned entities. And only after updating the Homey device it’s listening on these entities.

Have you changed it this way?

Yes I know the procedure, Ronny, and I did follow those steps.
I’m going to add a same make and model PIR now, to see how that one responds.

Hm, strange.
If you try it next time and it doesn’t work, please copy the device details in Homey repair view. Check the device details in Homey (store parameter, should show the compound details) and the app log if there are errors during capability updates.
And we can discuss it via Slack :smiley:

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Hi Ronny, the second one works as expected, AFAIK I did nothing different from adding the first one. In Holland we say “the first pancake always burns”, so let me carry on moving some zigbee stuff per my new SkyConnect, yay!


currently I only do get the switches and my central heating imported from Homey into my HA.
What about my SMA solar converter and my HomeWizard Energy for my P1 port ?
How can I get that data from my Homey into my HA ?

I think you misunderstood the way this app works. It imports entities from HA into Homey to use them as Homey device.

So only HA → Homey

The other way you should use MqttClient and MqttHub app sending the data via Mqtt broker to HA.

Thank you RonnyW. for your clarification.
I wil start figuring out how to get it working between my Homey and the Mqtt packages towards the HA.

Thanks :slight_smile:

So if I only want this way:

Which apps do I need on Homey, and which integrations do I need on HA?

Then you only need this HA community app to import HA entities as Homey device… and perhaps the Compound integration in HA for compound devices.

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