[App][Pro] Heliotherm Heatpump

Add support for Heliotherm Heat Pump


  • Set the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) temperature.
  • Increase / decrease setpoint for heating.

Sensor data

  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) temperature
  • Buffer temperature
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Current request: none|cool|heat|dhw
  • SmartGrid mode: Disabled | Block | Allow
  • SCOP for Heating
  • SCOP for DHW
  • Total weighted SCOP

SCOP calculations
The SCOP (Seasonal COP) is calculated based on the amount of electrical energy used
and heat energy generated.

The total SCOP is a weighted average of Heating SCOP and DHW SCOP
based on the amount of hours run for each.

Device settings can be used to enabled / disable smart grid

Flow cards
When smart grid is enabled in the device settings,
the heatpump can be given the command to block all heatpump requests
or allow heatpump requests using flow card.
This can for example be used to only run the heatpump when electricity prices are low.

Flowcard actions

  • Allow
  • Block

To use this application you need to enable modbus TCP on your Heliotherm heatpump. See Enabling Modbus TCP for Heliotherm heat pumps with RCG2 instruction guide how to do this.

Hi Jeroen

I have installed your app and connected to my Heliotherm heat pump and everything looks great.

I get the DHW temp and can also change the setpoint temp.
But I don’t get any value under Setpoint Heating.

Is there a fix for the Setpoint Heating issue ?

Best regards

Hi Niels,

Can you make a screenshot of the heating setpoint screen?

Hi Jeroen

Sure, here is sime for both DHW and Heating

Uploading: Screenshot_20240121_134830_Homey.jpg…
Uploading: Screenshot_20240121_134817_Homey.jpg…
Uploading: Screenshot_20240121_134746_Homey.jpg…
Uploading: Screenshot_20240121_134737_Homey.jpg…

Dear Niels,

Did you upload the screenshots correctly? I cannot download them.