[APP][Pro] Heating Controller with utility prices

I have investigated this further and it Looks like The condition with lowest price between x and y reset at midnigt, i.e. If I set it to lowest 5 prices between 16:00 and 15:00 and there are low prices before midnight it could possible be 5 hours before midnight and 5 after midnight not 5 in total in the time period.
In The example below it has triggered 2 hours between 16:00 and 18:00 and then 6 hours from 21:00 to 03:00, i.e 5 hours before midnight and then 3 hours after midnight.

I’m rude enough to ask for another condition, if it is possible :thinking:

The one thing I still can not accomplish is to “predict the future”
Say I have a flow that increases the heat in the 6 lowest priced hours.
This might then kick in at for instance 12:00. The issue is that even though 12:00 is one of the 6 lowest hours it could very well be that 13:00 is even lower.

So to optimize even further i would love to have an option to create the following:

Utility price is changed

Price is among the 6 lowest hours
AND: (new condition)
The next (x) hour(s) is higher/lower then the current hour.


Can this be done?

Another option could be a condition like:

The following x hours are declining/increasing

@balmli I have a problem with not working days. The app thinks that Sunday-Thursday is working days and Friday-Saturday is NOT working days.

Country for holidays: Sweden
Language: English
Location: Outside Gothenburg, Sweden

@balmli something you could implement? Difference between highest and lowest in kr/øre?

Will have a look at it.

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It would be nice to have highest and lowest price of the day available in variables as well @balmli.

Something like this?

@balmli Do you have an idea what is not working for me? Do you think I have done a wrong setup?

For some reason my Heating Controller has -1 hour offset. Checked with dev tools and Homey system date variable in human readable format is correct. Timezone dhows correctlt as Helsinki/Finland, but Heating Controller shows rate that has -1 hour offset. Prices are right but having this -1h offset.

Location of Homey in Finland. Heating Controller area set correctly to Finland.

Any ideas where to look?
@balmli @peltsi51

@Aki_Salonen I checked mine and it is showing the correct rate. At the moment 20-21h it is 0,0451€/kWh in Finland. So can’t reproduce the problem.

@peltsi51 Thanks for confirming! Seem that problem was actually in my energy provider’s (Enefit) app that had wrong offset in their data. When checking directly from Nordpool website that shows data in CET timezone, I can get matching right results too.

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v. 1.9.0 is ready for testing:

  • Added condition: ‘Difference between highest and lowest price is less / more than X’
  • Added conditions: ‘Current price is / is not lower / higher than prices next X hours’
  • Added ‘Min price’ and ‘Max price’ tags to ‘Utility price changed’ trigger

Use the link below to get access to and install the test-version:


I think you are using next days prices after 13:00 (or when you read them in) for the “Difference between highest and lowest price” @balmli. No big deal, but a bit mybe current day would be more “logical”

Do you have any plans to implemt the utility part of the cost (in Norwegian “nettleie”)?
Just got an email from Elvia with the detail: De nye nettleieprisene fra 1. januar 2022 er nå klare

Because i would like The condition to consider the total cost, not just the “power” part.

If not, does anyone have a good work around?

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The grid cost calculations are already in the “Norwegian Utility Bill” app (Strømregning App for Homey | Homey)

I will integrate Heating Controller to the Utility bill price calculations in a future version.

So Heating Controller will be able to take the total cost (utility + grid) into consideration.

This requires that Spot prices are used in the Utility bill app.

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Sweet! Yea, using spot prices makes sense and is the most relevant, but It would be cool if it also works with fixed price as well. But i understand that more options makes it more complex.

I currently use “power of the hour” app to test out how to not go over a certain amount of kWh in a spesific hour. So far it work as planed. :grin:

Yes, fixed price as well, but not prices updated by a flow (eg. from Tibber)

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Bjørnar I absolutely love your creation! It controls my geo thermal, my air to air in the workshop, the pool heater, my car charging and more! Awesome piece of software.
I have discovered a ”need” to be able to use tags for the hours in some places gradually building more and more advanced flows.
For example.
Finding the ”tag” lowest hours between ”tag” and ”tag”.

Coming home and connecting my car i push a IKEA button to activate the auto charging-flow. It searches for the 4 cheapest hours from X to 6 AM. The X is the problem…. I get home at different time every day so i want to import the present hour as a tag to the flow. Possible future feature?

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The Hours field supports tags, because this is a number field.

But Start hour and End hour are time fields, and Homey does not support tags of that type.

Saw that the app was update. How to I configure it to consider the total cost of power and grid?