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Hello, I have several of the H6003 bulbs and wanted to ask if support could be added? if not already, These have been a great alternatives to my Lifx bulbs



I will probably someday. In the meantime you can use the unknown device to add ANY govee device the api supports. It only does not add the nice device picture. And that is the main work of adding them, drawing those vector images.

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I just got the govee envisual t2 kit (h605c), but I see that it’s not yet supported in this app. Will it be added Soon, or can I use the t1 to add?

Just looking for a simple flow to turn on the govee when the tv is turned on, and off when the tv is turned off.

Edit: sorry just saw this has been asked above :sweat_smile: when I add unkown device i get a [object response] back

Sounds good,… knowing i can use them is all need for now!


I cant add the device H619A. I keep getting [object response]. LAN controle is activated in Govee app. Please can You help?

Please create an error report, see if i can see where it fails

Hi Vincent,

Here it is:


Hopefully You can help me

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