[APP][Pro] Fritzbox Bridge (v0.9.0) beta

Hey hello :slight_smile: I hope you are all fine.

I wanted to ask, if the integration of the Dect lamps and switches is planned / possible.

best regards

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same here :slight_smile: would be great if the dect 500 bulb were integrated

Just bought my first FritzThermostat for the heater to possibly replace the Comet Z-Waves.

Is there an installation document available somewhere? I don’t get whether I shall pair the Thermostat with my FRITZ!Box or with homey or both ?!

Erst in der Fritzbox installieren, dann die Fritzbox-Bridge App in Homey laden und konfigurieren.
Der Rest ergibt sich dann unter Geräte hinzufügen (+)

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If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate. If you would rather not or can’t communicate in English then please check out Non-English boards/catregories:

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Thx a lot! This advice may keep me away from digital clutter. :relaxed:
(English for the follow ups:
First: install regularly at Fritzbox, then load Fritzbox-Bridge App in Homey and configure it. Afterwards use ADD DEVICES in the App)

Hi @puschie
Thx for the App!
Do you have any plans for extending the flow cards by one that’s equal to the „send room temperature“ card of the Eurotronics-App? (Used to tell the thermostat the temperature via an external temp sensor)
Cheers and stay healthy!

as far as I know this is unfortunately not possible with the fritzbox api - maybe you can change it right on your fritzbox page, i can remember some settings for changing the temp sensor to another DECT device

Hello everyone and the developer,

I bought the Dect440 from AVM, which I can also integrate into Homey with temperature.

Now the things also offer the possibility to display the humidity and this is also well displayed in the FritzApp from AVM.

Now the question is, can this value also be displayed via the bridge and Homey?

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Hi! Since the update of Homey to version 7.1.3 the app Fritz!box Bridge does not work anymore.

All linked devices are labeled as “Invalid Device” when switching on and off. New devices can not be added, although the data for the Fritzbox was entered correctly.

Multiple restarts of Homey and the Fritz!box do nothing.

What can I do?

(Answers in German are possible)

I am not alone with that problem:

Hi, yes I had it working great, but after a fritz box update, the swichting of the dect switches failed. It does see it properly, and gives temperature and power information. when switching it trows an error.
I hope it will be fixed soon, because I love the functions!

Kind regards,

I have 2 Homeys that both lost the data connection to the Fritz power plugs after the fw update to 7.1.3
We can only wait for an update of the Fritzbox Bridge App…

hey, got a lot of crash reports with the new homey version 7.1.3^^

here is a quick update ( workaround ) for the ‘version’ not found problem

please check with this test version

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Installed and it works like a charm

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

may I ask to implement the dect 500 bulb, too?

0.58 works good. Tnx

Hello puschie,

will the Fritz app support the Rollotron DECT 1213 devices in future?


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For bridge also in next time?

I’m using 0.5.8 with 7.1.4 on homey. I try to get the devicename from new a WLAN connection. The TAG (sorry in german) “Geräte Name” doesn’t give me the name of the device. So i can’t use this tag in a logic Statement.
What am I doing wrong. Ok, most times the fault is sitting in front of the system! But after searching the howtos to that theme i think i’m doing right. Any ideas?

I created a new user but can’t connect to Fritzbox. Error Message only show there’s a problem. But not what’s the problem is…
User and password are correct. Any ideas?