[APP][Pro] Fritzbox Bridge (v0.9.0) beta

Do the correct user/pw work on the webpage of Fritz?

Yes works on website login.
Now I type https://192.168… before the IP address and it works. Without https (only IP address) not working.
Crazy, but now it works

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After the release of Homey 7.1.6 today the Fritzbox bridge app fails to connect to my 7581
Error message: “reason: login refused → invalid username/password ?”

After several (5+) app restarts (and changing the polling interval), the app works again: “Valid login”

it’s a long time since the last update and im not sure if i find the time for implementation of the new features/devices.

therefore it would be great if some developer could be found who would take over and continue the project.

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Hi there,

i’m looking for a way (flow? script?) to restart the fritz.box every night at a selected time (my box somehow often requires a restart cause it looses connection to the thermostats).

An integration as flow card in this app would be awesome! But I would also be happy if this could work via home script. If found something on github, but personally have absolutely NO idea about javascript or anything else this was…
My tries to “rewrite” (i dont need a connection test) the script where absolutely waste of time :wink:

Anyone here who could help me so that I just have to put in IP, Username, and PW?

Thanky a lot in forward!

Here’s the link to the github script.

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Connect the power via smart plug and turn that off and on every night?

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That would work 100% but i would prefer a more soft method than a hard reset of the box every night… :laughing:

Hey there,

I’ve read aboutt your problem with the login “reason: login refused → invalid username/password?”

Did you find a solution / fix for that? I have the same problem that sometimes i cant controll my dect 301 and when i open the fritzbox brigde app i get exactly the same message. But Username and PW ARE correct…

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would be great to have Rollotron DECT1213 supported…

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Any news on updating this app to SDKv3?
It seems not compatible with Homey 2023 yet.
Would be a pity, I find it a very usefull app!

I see @puschie hasn’t been around here for a while.
Something for you evt, @Arie_J_Godschalk?

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Well perhaps, but i’ve got a long list already for which i am trying to contact devs.
This one is on my list, but not on the already-contacted-list yet.

Great, thx @Arie_J_Godschalk.
Let’s hope @puschie responds then…

i just relased the preview/test version for homey 2023 with a few improvements. please note that this version is a complete reworke and doesnt include the new drivers yet ( these will be added in the next few days ). nevertheless I would be very pleased about feedback

these things are on my ToDo list (will be implemented in the next days)

  • DECT 500 support
  • DECT 400 support ( there might some delay problems, so please keep your expectations low )
  • Option to restart your fritzbox
  • call monitor support

Please feel free to mention more thing you like to have added or informations you like to have access to

Fritzbox Bridge Test-Version

(the settings page has also been reworked, it should be much more reliable now. Also, the current login/connection status is displayed at the bottom and the errors are localized, so the setup should be much easier)


@puschie Hello, how nice that you update the App to 2023. Would it be possible that you include the App FritzBox Call Monitor in this. The developer has indicated that he no longer supports the App.

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Thanks for the SDK3 update, @puschie, very much appreciated!

After updating the trigger (IF) card “WLAN device has connected” is broken. That means all flows that use this card are broken and have to be updated.

After downgrading it works again.
I read about the upcoming migration helper, but perhaps You wanted to know.

I sent you a diagnostic report before (df5a7bc1-3249-4a13-ab5c-6f1d0f25d062) and after (a52d0ad2-1bdc-4401-ace5-2c17bf03d142) the last test update.

@Ton_van_Rijnsoever well i checked the data provided by fritzbox and it looks like it is not accessible by my currently used approach - so i need to implement this with a different approach to get this working ( found the original source of the callmonitor app, so this will help but i dont want to just copy his code without fully understanding how it works and therefore i need a test device ). so it is doable but take some time

thanks, from v0.9.0 on there are new triggers that support more tags - for compatibility i re-added the old triggers to v0.9.1 and mark them as deprecated. so it should work with the new update.

( currently, the debug-button data is not received on sentry.io - im not sure why but it looks like they have some problems with their services. anyway, this will be the prefered way to provide additional informations about devices )

Currently I am looking for someone who owns a DECT blind device and could provide some data - unfortunately the information in the documentation is not sufficient to complete the implementation.

How nice of you to pick it up. I’ll order you a beer :beers:

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Hi @puschie
after your update to 0.9.2 last night all my devices are not available anymore,


Adding again is also not possible.

Can i do something myself?