[APP][Pro] Fritzbox Bridge (v0.9.0) beta

only option for now is to switch to an earlier version, will check it this afternoon
edit: which version did you used before ?

Thanks @puschie.

It was 0.9.1.

Same here :confused:

released a quick hotfix ( v0.9.3 ) for this problem - sry for the inconveniences
@Jogi_Bear @Bisch

Thank you so much! All radiators back online!

Great, thanks so much.

i just released (test) v0.9.4 - this version changes how functionality is detected and should be able to detect all supported functions regardless of the selected driver / device type.

this brings one question up: do you want to keep different device types ( like plug, thermostat, alarmsensor, … ) ? or would you prefer to have one type that detect everything automaticly ?

overall the only differences would be the device class and missing option to register one device as multiple sensors

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I just had a quick look at my devices and i only can say none of them are working anymore.

Also lost contact again. No exclamation mark like last time but also no connection.

OT / AVM side question: Two 301 are always set to 22 degrees in the morning although it’s set to 16 degrees in the FRITZ!box and no flows in Homey are pushing them

found an problem when switching from 0.9.3 to 0.9.4 - should be fixed with 0.9.5, hope this will also solve the missing updates @Jogi_Bear, @Bisch

PS: sry for the problems again… this was the last big change for v1.0.0, next updates will contain new devices and new functions only

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Thanks @puschie! Works like charm! Highly appreciated. Thank you for your dedication.

I have a problem: both the plug and the thermometer are reporting energy readings for the Energy tab, and because of this my energy usage looks te be doubled…
I think the thermometer should only report the temperature, not the used energy…

hi, can you provide a diagnostic report or submit a dataset via debug button on settings page ? that would help find the problem. currently every device that support energy tracking provide energy data, so if there is no bug, i could add an option to prevent energy tracking for specific devices

submitted a dataset via the debug button

checked your data and everything is expected behaviour - added an option in 0.9.7 to exclude some power mesurements from overall power usage.
please not that due some homey bugs the app might crash ( does not effect homey server ) if you click on the power info after changing this option.

How to use the blinds function?. If I choose for example a time I m missing the function to control the blinds. Or are there no cards at the moment?

Is there a chance to get the on/off feature of the thermostats?

@CarstenT i need to add these, currenlty only auto generated cards are available but im planing on adding cards for most custom controls ( blinds are one of them )

@phil392 can add them back ( removed them because they behave different from what you expect )