[APP][Pro] Fritzbox Bridge (v0.9.0) beta

Hi puschie,
thank you for this great App.
I got it to run, but if the app runs for more than 8 hours, it crashed.
If i restart the app, it wont work.
I have to restart homey complete, than it works again.
I have send you my logs, but i found no way, to give you the key. :slight_smile:
Please contact me, if you want to have the key for checking my logs.
Thank you.

Thanks for this awesome app! I try to find a way to bring the heat up inne rooms to the desired value. I never trusted the temp sensor in the thermostats for obvious reasons but even the offset feature by fritz is no solution as some radiators are obstructed.
I have a small aquara temp and humidity sensor in the most cold corner of my room. How can I use the temp value of another device like the aquara to adjust my comet thermostats? Could use it for flows as well as manual control. Just need an idea to do it. Starting a flow with a prerequisite from aquara doesn’t seem to be supported for such a thing

Unfortunately, most properties are null for eurotronic comet (version 03.68) and Fritz Dect 301 (version 04.89).

I am using this app for my fritz Box with the Fritz 301 thermostat. The thermostat is working fine with homey, only I have no battery level and return temperature in the app visible. Has anybody an idea how to solve this.

I found the problem. You have to set polling active in the configuration of the app

Erik, can you set temperature flows?

I can see the temperaturen in the Icon of the app and I read out the temperature in the morning

The app writes extensive logging information in the PaperTrailLog app despite logging level set to none. Big problem for me. Someone have an idea?

Sorry, I meant simpleLog app (not PaperTrailsLog)


i know it has been asked before, but would it be possible to implement presence detection.
Like Netgear app. (Fritz Homebridge also supports it)

Will there be an update for the app? I got the dect440 and it would be great to have it in the app

Hi, I will do an update for the new device and a few fixes/changes - hopefully I will find some time for that in the next few days.
Will also have a look at the presence detection but it’s not trivial to implement it based on the web api :confused: changing the api to tr064 require a full rewrite of the app so thats something I have to delay to later development

That sounds great. Thanks for that.

Hi Pushie, thanks so much for programming this app! I have just bought the FRITZ!DECT 440 as I particularly liked the the remote part of it. Is there any chance that I will be able to use them to control devices through Homey with your app at some point? Or is this not anticipated to be implemented?

I haven’t found a similar device yet that provides the same functionality (personalizable screen according to your needs / devices you want to control with buttons on the side) - does anyone know if there is anything like that on the market apart from this one?

Hi, I’m pleased that the app is helpful
Talked with another user about it and he provided all required information for the implementation so the Update will come soon. But can’t give you an ETA for that - I hope to finish this year


can you inform me too pls? I just bought a 440 today.

Would it be possible to trigger a flow when a specific phone is called?
Thanks for the app, works great so far

Hi, currently it’s not possible - phone status is not requested yet. I will add this to my requested feature list

As I do not posses fritz devices, wifi control like guest wifi on / off was really interesting to me. Is this even possible? Not now but in general? Would be cool with a virtual button to start a flow or simply put a flow in favorites and say google start my guest wifi to trigger favorite flow and enable preconfigured guest wifi.

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Is it somehow possible to control the valves of Fritz Dect heating control based on data collected by Xiaomi Temperature sensors? No offset seems to make sense for me when using the temperature sensor of the heating control itself. Especially with varying water temperatures (sometimes oil sometimes wood)