[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

I mean the sound that you hear when you have set the seconds before the alarm goes off after entering or leaving the house.
When a Eufy sensor is triggered I hear a beeping sound on the keypad until the time is up and the alarm goes off if not turned off.
When other sensors than Eufy sensors are triggered the alarm goes off after the amount of seconds I have set in my flows but the keypad stays silent.
With this silence my kids could think the alarm is not set because they don’t hear the beeping sound on the keypad after coming home.

I hope you know what I mean now. :wink:

Alright yeah got it.
So the keypad beeps to let you know you have to shut off the alarm.
I’ll check if I can find something for that!

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Hey Martijn, maybe a stupid question. I have push notifications on and everything works fine. Suddenly all pushnotifications are off in the app so homey is not working on these commands anymore. Have you heard this problem earlier? Second, when a door is open (eufy door sensor) there is no notification if eufy is off so homey keeps telling a door is open. Many thanks

Hey @Richard_L
I think you mean these settings?:

These get disabled everytime. This is a Eufy issue. I’m thinking of to force these notifications from Homey. Will check that.

For the doorsensor. When there’s no notification the value wont change. If you want to override it you can restart the app and it Will default to closed

Yes i ment these settings. Thanks for your response. The problem is that i use the keyboard to turn alarm on and off for the whole family. So this means it is not reliable at all. Because no push notification no alarm off :frowning:

Door sensor i understand…. Thanks

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New app update (test: 2.4.7 ):


  • NEW: add setting to Homebase devices to prevent Eufy from turning off Homebase notifications. (Every 30 minutes the command will be sent to Eufy so it stays turned on.) - Only keypad and app notification. See image below

CC: @Richard_L

All changes currently in test:

  • NEW: add eufy-homey-client as LIB (modified the original library)
  • NEW: add Homebase trigger alarm ON with a duration (input field) (combine with other sensors e.g: Aqara)
  • NEW: add Homebase trigger alarm OFF (to stop before duration)
  • NEW: add Homebase flow card when the alarm turns on
  • NEW: add quickresponse for wired doorbell
  • NEW: add reboot flowcard for Hub based devices (Homebase or stand-alone camera’s)
  • NEW: message when device is initializing
  • FIX: improved battery update interval
  • NEW: add setting to Homebase devices to prevent Eufy from turning off Homebase notifications. (Every 30 minutes the command will be sent to Eufy so it stays turned on.)

Currently in progress:

  • [BUG] - QuickResponse for wired doorbell - INVESTIGATE
  • [Feature Request] alarm delay (beeping sound) before alarm goes off - IN PROGRESS
  • [Feature Request] filter devices when pairing - IN PROGRESS
  • [Feature Request] Night Vision switch - IN PROGRESS
  • [Feature Request] HDR switch - IN PROGRESS

Full to-do list: [APP] Eufy Security - #3 by martijnpoppen

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Hey Martijn, thanks for that. I will test it right away :wink:

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Hi Martijn,

First of all, thanks for the work by creating this app.
I just purchased a Eufy security set (Base + keypad and some sensors) and tried to connect this to Homey.
All went fine, but I was missing the When alarm triggers, so I came across the test version and tried this.
I did found the right trigger (‘Het algemene alarm gaat aan’) and added this to a flow.
But this is not triggered when the alarm goes off in Eufy (by the motion sensor for example).

Am I interpreting the trigger wrong or am I missing some thing?

Thanks for your reply!

Hey @Justin_M ,
Make sure you have notifications enabled for the Homebase and for your security mode.
When that happens there should be a notification that the alarm was triggered by a sensor.

Based on that notification Homey will also trigger.

Also make sure to enable the use generic alarm option in the Homebase setting.

If that doesn’t work you can send me a diagnostic report and I’ll have a look

Thanks for your quick reply. I checked all settings but can’t seem to find the right ones:

Have to do it in multiple posts… sorry…

Here all the settings are right:

Hmm that seems right.
Can you send a diagnostic report?
More → apps → eufy Security. → settings wheel > send diagnostic report

@Justin_M ,
Thanks for the report.
I made a fix to the test app. (2.4.8) .

This fixes a problem with the motionsensor. Which broke something in your flows.

Can you you try to trigger the alarm again and after that send me a new diagnostic report?

Seems like Eufy introduced 6 new cameras:

Solocam Series
The SoloCam Series will officially launch in batches (both on Amazon & eufylife.com).

SoloCam E20 - Late June
SoloCam E40 - Late July
SoloCam L20 - Late July
SoloCam S40 - Late August

Outdoor Cams

These cameras are not part of Homey yet. If you have such a camera please contact me so we can check together what needs to be done to implement it :slight_smile:

New hobby for the next few weeks @martijnpoppen :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha yes! :sweat_smile:

Just created another new (stupid) idea in another Eufy question topic…oops

New app update (test: 2.4.12 ):


  • FIX: wired doorbell on/off + quickResponses

EDIT: There was a small bug in 2.4.10. Fixed in 2.4.12

@martijnpoppen “Houston, we got a problem”

Edit: Nevermind… You already changed your otiginal message :wink:

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