[APP][Pro] Duux - Take full control of your indoor air quality

No they told that it couldn’t be done by them (technically) and gave a workaround.

We’re having a whole differect discussion now.
Let’s get back on topic and wait for opinions of other Duux users like Martijn did (appreciated).

That’s not at all what they said.

I have a little workaround. Have just added two little stickers on my screen so I don’t see the exclamation mark. Simple and effective🤓

I am ending this discussion now.
In that case, I would choose for Duux’s workaround for sure, @Marcel_Ubels:wink:

I have the same solution as Duux proposed for those device i don’t want to see directly. I am a perfectionist so I understand why you wanted it to be changed. I have the same little annoyance i don’t want to see a exclamation mark when the device does work. But I understand why it has to be. Would be nicer if it had a little symbol like a none wifi connection symbol instead of a red exclamation mark

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It’s really a UI issue: a red exclamation mark suggests an error, even though a device being unavailable may not actually be an error.

Which is basically what was said: Duux cannot control how unavailable devices are being shown in the Homey app, they can only change at which point a device is marked as unavailable. And I think they chose that point correctly, namely when the app knows the device isn’t available.

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Thx @Marcel_Ubels

@Duux another bug. The Beam (mini) cannot be turned on or off with Homey. Missing capability listener onoff. So, right now the Beams can’t really be used in flows. :slight_smile: . Hope you can look at it.

Edit; after a restart of the app it works. I’ll keep an eye on it. But might be good to check out.

For others wanting to know: Whisper Flex, Tube, Beam and Beam Mini working perfectly now.

I cannot add my Duux Whisper to Homey. After pasting the pin from the Duux app, Homey says: ‘Homey-pin is required’. Any help?

You have to generate a pin in the official Duux Android/iOS app and paste it when adding your Whisper to Homey.

I do that. But the Homey app then gives the error ‘Homey pin is required’

Perhaps the Homey app doesn’t recognize that you pasted something there. Try to delete the last letter/digit and add this letter/digit it again…?

Smart idea, but no, does not work.

Got it! On my Samsung S10+ phone the login button is invisible when you don’t scroll down. So I missed that one!


Got my Whisper flex smart today and offcourse i directly added it to Homey.

What kind of flows do you guys use? Maybe some creative flows to share?

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Not creative, but yesterday the flex didn’t go off at the right time. Last year i noticed that the first push on the remote control brings alive the flex, and the second push gives the command. So this is my flow

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I realised that also, at night i thought i turned it of with the remote control (the app was giving me an error at that moment). I heard a bleep so i thought it was turned off, but at morning it was still running.

But got to know to have 2 actions to actually turn it off at night.

@Duux I can’t add Duux Whisper Flex Ultimate in the Homey app, what can I do about that?

Had the same problems. Trying three/ four times after another can help. Also disabling 5ghz internet connection when pairing can help. I have my 2,4ghz and 5ghz signals on seperate ID’s which helps quite a bit.

I’m having some issues with the Whisper Flex onoff not properly being set. The fan beeps so the message is received but just nothing happens. If I try it multiple times it seems to work at some point.

Its odd since horizontal and vertical oscilation never have this issue. The same goes for fan speed level.

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