[APP][PRO] ControlMySpa

@Bono_van_der_Pasch Sure! Will add it to the todo list :smiley:

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Hey martin

I am getting this message when trying too connect ??
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading β€˜model’)

What too doo

Hey @Tonny_Nymann
Can you send a diagnostic report?

You can do that in the Mobile Homey app:

More - apps - controlmyspa - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report


@Tonny_Nymann Thanks
Looks like your login is incorrect.

I have to make the error handling a bit better I see :confused:

Hi! Do i understand it right that there is two wifi-modules, were one of them working with this Homey-app and the other one is not?
I have the option to buy this wifi-module, but from what i can understand that is the one that will not work with this app? Wi-Fi Styrning Balboa – Svenska Badtunnor

Hey @Markus_Sandin
That’s the wrong one. That one works with BWA (Balboa Water App).

You need a wifi module which talks trough controlmyspa