[APP][PRO] Connect Solar Solax Inverter to Homey

Ahoj Michale,

may I ask you, how difficult it would be to implement Modbus Power Control (remotecontrol power) - Modbus Power Control (remotecontrol power) - Homeassistant SolaX modbus integration , some of them, like remotecontrol_power_control ?
Related registers : https://github.com/wills106/homeassistant-solax-modbus/files/14044521/Solax.Hybrid.X1.X3-G4.ModbusTCP.RTU.V3.29-English_231031.pdf popř. přímo z HA integrace - homeassistant-solax-modbus/custom_components/solax_modbus/plugin_solax.py at main · wills106/homeassistant-solax-modbus · GitHub

Might be useful in case like you do not want to discharge battery during high loads etc.

The advantage is that this setting should not be written into EEPROM.

Hi all,

Quick question, I just connected homey to SolaxCloud and immediately get the following error: Cannot read properties of undefined.
I have tried reconnecting and uninstalling the app a couple of times, but every time I get the same message. Any ideas on fixes?

I see this error randomly as well but after a while, it’s OK. How long were you waiting ?

I get the message immediately when trying to connect

HI, after the update to 2.11.1 my Solax app needs to be restartet 5-10 times a day, it stops at the data is the same until i restart the app.

is anyone else having the same issue ?


@Lars_Saust , best would be probably to send diag. report - I also face instabilities, but it’s rather related to the Solax dongle, which needs to be regularly disconnected in my case and similar occurs also in Home Assistant, so it’s clearly not caused by the apps.

Dear Solax app users, can you please post your Solax app memory insights development with 24 hours scale, ideally without Homey restart in between ? Please also mention Homey version (2019 or 2023).

Thank you.

Has anyone else experienced problems since Homey updated to v 11.0.0? The Solax connection through modbus g4 worked flawlessly up until then. Now I can’t get any data no matter what I do.

Can you please share your graph insights from Solax RAM , for last 1 - 2 months or this year data ?

Anyway, no data usually are caused by Solax Wifi dongle itself - have you tried to unplug it simply ?

I reinstalled the app thinking it would solve the problem, hence all insight statistics lost.
However I unplugged the WiFi dongle as you said and voila, it works perfectly. Thx!

After upgrading to the new Solax app version 3.0.5 the feed in from grid power is wrong.

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Application broken from 3.0.5. Do not upgrade. Every update makes it worse. Now 3.0.8 don’t work at all. Do not recommend this app.

I’m on 3.0.8 and all works just fine

What exactly is not working for you, which model and did you submit diag. ID to the developer ?

I will better not comment on this, not so useful, comment.

Writing “don’t work at all” is not an error description.
I would recommend studying how to properly report a problem.

3.0.8 using Mosbus on G4. From 3.0.5 application displayed incorrect values, from 3.0.8 completely broken, not even possible to add device, proces not continue.

No I didnt because as far as I know you must pay for that. A would like too pay money to use this app, not just so I can report a bug and thus pay for app which dont work.

Restart your Homey, I just tested and don’t have this problem.

Paying for what? You mean for reporting bug over https://mistr.tech/ ? This is for free, just way of developer managing his “queues”. Someone use GitHUB, someone else has no support at all etc.
Also diag. sending from the Homey app from the Solax app setting simply generate debug info for developer but there is NO payment required anywhere.

There is Donate option though - voluntary based - PayPal.Me

Maybe Iam interpreting this wrong way, but I allways believed that asterisk mean mandatory field and radio button means you have to choose one option mutually exclusive to others.

What Iam missing here?

Homey restarted, application reinstalled, still not possible to even add device.

Interesting, I have :
But it true I was not there maybe a year or so.

Have you sent the diag log using the app details ? Having the app “frozen” even on NEXT button is kind of weird.

I am not willing to help those who want to make trouble and do not know how to behave. They are unable to provide basic information and just swear how bad everything is. For people like you, I recommend making your own app, because then you’ll be cursing yourself a lot from morning to night (or not at all).
You say you’re willing to pay for a working app, but I don’t know of you contributing anything. Am I wrong?
No one is forcing you to contribute. However, there were also those who were willing to pay me for the repair. Unfortunately I had to refuse them and I returned the one that the payment went through because I won’t take money for breaking something somewhere.
To avoid further misunderstanding, I added that bugs are free.
Maybe when you have an app and every day several people write to you that they have a “problem” and you solve a similar problem with them over and over again (mostly a problem in the settings), then maybe you will understand how exhausting it is. If something is free, people have no inhibitions and ask about everything without using the information available to solve the problem. Once they have to pay, they tend to find solutions without it.

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Dont take it wrong Michal,
it is not agains you, I just wanted to provide information to others, I did not asked to solve anything. I have spend a lot of time building automation on top of your app and I wanted to warn others so they can save time.

If you remember I warned primarily against updating the app. And you know that updates broken the app causing not displaing valid values. The other was just recommendation.

I appreciate your contribution by developing this app. What I think is that homey should introduce regular app store where you can/must pay for application at moment of installation. I would be very happy to pay for application, just dont have time and/or cognitive space after I install app to go to community and look for donate button. I know I should do it, but I just focus on other staff.

This “community” system is just wrong. Homey is not allowing developers to charge for their application, because they want to create impression that once you buy Homey, everything is free. So developers are forced to make money using other weird and not transparent channels, e.g. forcing users to pay when reporting bug. If Homey would use real application store, users would be able to pay directly to developers for each installation, which is OK and transparent deal. And this is not your fault Michal, I know that you try to accommodate to the system, which is OK and understandable.

I wish you best with your application.

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