[APP][Pro][Cloud] P2000 for Homey (Dutch 112 (911) alerts

We cant find the bug. Auto reboot the app is best solution for now.

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@LRvdLinden IS it right that in de message no street name is. ? Long message and shortmessage ?

In the P2000 message I see a street name

@Mark1541 You can see it in the title but the message itself does not include it.

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Normaal hoorde ik via de spreker welke straat tijdens een lang bericht, nu hoor ik alleen de hulpdiensten en Noord-Holland


Now only hear the place and street name with a p2000 message

I agree that the exact location in the ‘straat’ value has changed on july 7 between 15:25 and 17:08.
At 15:25 the messages still had an exact location, after 17:08 none of the message have a location, only showing ‘onbekend’.

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OK I will check the api. We have not changed anything in the Homey app

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Yes, that’s right, I can confirm that

It worked until July 7, but after that it indeed stopped working

Ope, you can fix it @LRvdLinden

maybe this also has something to do with it?

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Problem street name looks solved :ok_hand:


Correct! Its back again

If there is a message I will test it but what was the problem @LRvdLinden ? API?

Monitor fixed✅

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Something in the api

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I can also confirm it’s working again with streetnames !!!