[APP][Pro][Cloud] P2000 for Homey (Dutch 112 (911) alerts

I don’t see anything strange in your flow. Yes you could shorten it. Is region Brabant South-East is not an ambulance. The rest will go on like that. I don’t know what notifications you were expecting that did show up on the pager?

Not all of the notifications that are filtered in the flows comes to the whattsapp message. Today for example a couple of incidents of firedepartment in Brabant S.E.

I did make a flow who should be triggered at capcode 0500000, it didnt work, are there codes excluded? He has to trigger multiple flows, can that be a problem?

@Berjan_Rood Maybe you can post you’re flow over here. This capcode is only once a week I saw.
Are you using other capcode that are working good?
Did you restart the app after it is updated?

Last week it also didnt work, so i thought is was the whatsapp app who gives the problem because he has to send a message to 6 numbers at once. Thats why i build in the delay. P2000 and also whatsapp are working fine in a other flow

Please check your flow lines!

Build the delay like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 seconds instead of 4sec for all.

Also you can use👇🏻

Thanx for your reaction. Those whatsapp messages are never triggered at once. Always just one. In the other flows i use 2, 6, 8 seconds etc.

Hi there!

I have set up an advanced flow. It triggers my lights, Sonos and telegram.
I keep track of the last p2000 message using Flow Utilities timers. Every night it seems the p2000 app “crashes”. Then I get a message that there are no message received since 1000 seconds.

Can someone suggest why the app crashes and how to solve this? Anyone more with this issue?

Can you send me a report after crashing and before rebote app or hp?

Hi @LRvdLinden

I’m exited about P2000.page it is a super clean and good looking page. I would like it as a android app.

For now im pushing the raw P2000 messages via homey to a whatsapp group. I would like to receive a full list of vehicle information corresponding to capcodes from “Limburg Noord”

So i can expand my messages from raw p2000 message with the detailed vehicle info.

Is this possible?

An other question. Do I need a google cloud subscription if i want to add live google maps location, in stead of location image?


I’m not sure how to see the crash reports.

I fixed it using this flow.

I am not sure how to see the crash report.

I fixed it using this flow;

@Sjoerd_Keltjens P2000.page is our source and not ours. P2000.xyz does belong to us.

You can achieve the same thing by setting a correct flow;


  • new p2000 message


  • Capcodes (filter the desired capcodes)
  • Province of Limburg


  • Send WhatsApp message

To send a report to a developer, see below.

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No messages here since yesterday ?
@LRvdLinden the app stop working and after rebooting it’s working is that a bug

Is the same problem right here too

Please reboot the app. Your report is just fine.