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Strange this?

And no 5 x code red?


@LRvdLinden @Hielke_de_Jong with the coordinates (or how you need to call it), the tempatures are more accurate. Many thanks for your help. Didn’t know this and also didn’t expect something like this can be an issue.

Had them both for a few days next to each other, so i was able to see the difference.


Its “Dauwpunt” not Douwpunt


I really like this app because it has a lot of useful data, but i have a question about the max temperature data.
I am using the max expected temperature as a condition for the sunscreen.
The problem is that de max expected temperature is too low. For example the max temperature today was around 25 degrees, while the app was showing 19, so the sunscreen doesn’t come down as the threshold is 21 degrees. For tomorrow the app is showing 15 degrees as max expected temperature, while the website of the KNMI is showing around 20 degrees.
I read here that the correct setting of the location is important, but this is correct and based on coordinates.
Are there others who also experience this problem?
Thank you in advance.

You don’t have any space used in your coordinates? lat,lon is the right format.

Yes, the given coordinates result in the right town-name. Also, the actual temperature is fairly accurate.

I checked with weerlive, where the next 5 days is:

In the KNMIW-device I see
and resp. 17, 15 en 18

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The app gets its data from weerlive api. The app shows the correct information. However, the api does not match their website. I am going to contact them.

{ “liveweer”: [{“plaats”: “Amsterdam”, “timestamp”: 1715803684, “time”: “15-05-2024 22:08:04”, “temp”: 15.0, “gtemp”: 14.6, “samenv”: “Lichte regen”, “lv”: 98, “windr”: “N”, “windrgr”: 4, “windms”: 1.71, “windbft”: 2, “windknp”: 3.3, “windkmh”: 6.2, “luchtd”: 1007.32, “ldmmhg”: 756, “dauwp”: 14.8, “zicht”: 4590, “gr”: 0, “verw”: “In het zuidwestelijk deel regen, morgen enkele (onweers)buien”, “sup”: “05:42”, “sunder”: “21:31”, “image”: “regen”, “alarm”: 0, “lkop”: “Morgenmiddag vooral in het midden en oosten kans op onweer met kans op veel neerslag”, “ltekst”: " De eerstkomende uren zijn er geen waarschuwingen van kracht.Morgenmiddag kunnen vooral in het midden en oosten van het land enkele onweersbuien ontstaan. In korte tijd kan er veel regen vallen waardoor lokaal wateroverlast mogelijk is. In de avond verdwijnen de buien weer. Wat kan ik verwachten en wat kan ik doen?Meer detailsDe buien trekken morgenmiddag vanuit Duitsland het land binnen. Naast veel regen is er kans op hagel tot 2 cm en lokaal zijn windstoten mogelijk tot maximaal 60 km/uur.", “wrschklr”: “groen”, “wrsch_g”: “-”, “wrsch_gts”: 0, “wrsch_gc”: “-”}], “wk_verw”:[{“dag”:“15-05-2024”,“image”:“bewolkt”,“max_temp”:14,“min_temp”:14,“windbft”:2,“windkmh”:7,“windknp”:4,“windms”:2,“windrgr”:338,“windr”:“NW”,“neersl_perc_dag”:0,“zond_perc_dag”:1},{“dag”:“16-05-2024”,“image”:“buien”,“max_temp”:15,“min_temp”:11,“windbft”:2,“windkmh”:7,“windknp”:4,“windms”:2,“windrgr”:277,“windr”:“W”,“neersl_perc_dag”:60,“zond_perc_dag”:22}