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Hi Jelger,

The relay supports toggle functionality, problem solved. Thanks!

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Recentely I had issues that flows not been activated in Homey. The trigger should come from the Doorbird D101s. I did a factory reset to get a new digitalpass. installed Doorbird app again on Samsung phone. App is working fine. On Homey I want to add a doorbird device. During installation I receive the following error: Error: there has been a unknown issue [400]

I gave the user API rights.
Does someone have an idea how to fix this?

Please keep it English.

Can you post me the output of http://yourdoorbirdip/bha-api/info.cgi

I could not open the link. I think you mean this

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Have you made any manual changes to the HTTP calls settings from the DoorBird admin area? The error is returned when trying to set the notification URL’s. For some reason this is failing. Can you send me a diagnostic report from the app settings. Perhaps that contains useful info.

You could also try to disable the checkbox on that page. That will allow you to pair the device but you wont receive any events until the notification URL have been set up. You can also try and do this from the device settings after pairing.

I didn’t change the created http calls settings. I received a number when I created a diagnostic code from the Homey doorbird app. code is 0c9782f4-1b6b-407e-9aab-af1bd93ad488
When I disable the checkbox I won’t get a device on Homey. So also pairing is ok.

Something changed now. I tried again and disabled the checkbox. I now have a device in Homey.
So I made a flow now in Homey. It is responding. So for the moment it looks fine. I’m going continue testing. Come back later. Thanks until now. I’m almost there. :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

It’s working correctely now. :clap: :clap:
Thanks. Can I make a donation somewhere. Realy like your helping hand.
Because we’re talking about doorbird perhaps you know what to do about not getting a snapshot in the history list from the doorbird app. I mean, when someone pushing the doorbell I used to get a snapshot which I could see in the app. Is this what you mean with you wont receive any events until the notification URL have been set up?

You can make a donation to a good cause on my behalf … :+1:

No, that’s unrelated. This is usually caused by the (free) cloud history being disabled in the admin area of the DoorBird.

I’m new here. Where I cant find the donation envirement?

Usually in a link from the app in the app store but I dont have a donation link. I do this on behave of the DoorBird company and received a nice and shiny DoorBird from them for my efforts. If you really wish to make me happy you can donate some money to any good cause and let me know here … :+1:

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Cool to hear oem appreciate your work and actually supports you. Over a doorbird and your app I actually started my journey to all this home automation and control.

P. S. Doorbird has been bought by assa abloy (yale, mul-t-locknot, keso) not so long ago so I kind a hope now they will also develop even more integrations like Google and similar and expand even more user base.

Hello, i use homey cloud with bridge. The doorbird app is very nice and very usefull. But to use it with homey is almost useless for me! But hopeful you can help me🙏🏽
I have the door cotroller, but i can‘t use the relays of it, why?
The other thing is, i don‘t get any snapshot at all!
Is this because i use homey cloud? Does the homey pro supports all these featers?
An other thing is, in the manual you write, use a separate login for homey, but i need the admin login and i have just one! I can not subscribe with a user login. What do i wrong?
Thanks for answering…

The DoorBird Cloud API doesnt mention anything about the DoorBird controller so I’m not sure it it’s supported by DoorBird. I’d have to ask them.

I just tested the snapshots, they work when I run a local instance of Homey cloud but not when using the app store version. Seems something is blocking it. I’d have to ask Athom.

The manual is for Homey Pro, and yes, these features are better supported on Homey Pro as local communication is always better then cloud communication.

Thanks for answering👍🏼
I‘m looking forward to hear about door controller​:pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:
And also about the snap shot👍🏼

This is indeed an issue with Homey Cloud. Athom told me they will roll out an update this night which should fix it.

Athom is still looking into the issue with the snapshots on Homey Cloud.

Could you try this test version to see if it works with the relays of the Door Controller.