[APP][Pro&Cloud] DoorBird

Just the two standard relais
See photo

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Please read what I’m asking you. I’m not asking about the relays under the device but when using the action card “Open the door” from when adding it to a flow.

I‘m very sorry! I‘m not sure if i understand it right, but i try:
I get these options by when:

I get these options by then:

And if i take „öffne die tür“ (open the door) i get the option o the 2 standard relaiys:

Von Michel Brönnimann’s iPhone gesendet

Did you add the door controller after you paired your DoorBird with Homey? Could be you need to re-pair the DoorBird to show the extra relays under the “Open the door” action card.

Hi, i repaired my doorbird now, but nothing changed, i just have teh two standard relays in the action card.
Did you hear something from homey?
What can i else do?

The Athom related issue was only related to the snapshots on Homey Cloud not being visible. At some point these issues where resolved during my tests. If you still experience issues with snapshots please let me know.

About the relays of the door controller. Have you checked that the user you used to pair the DoorBird has permission to access and control these relays?

I think i have still problems with the snapshot, so i don’t get the last snapshot when the bell rang, ig get just the athom icon, no pictures.

As you know, as a cloud user you can only paired it with your admin login, i think. Or not?

I just tested this myself again and it works fine. Try rebooting the app from the settings if you do not see snapshots.

Yes, but if I understand the API documention correctly even admins need to be given permission to access the peripheral relays. If you have a any technical skills yourself troubleshooting this would make it a lot easier. You would be able to run the app locally in a Docker container and I could generate debug login. Without having a door controller myself it’s hard to see what is going on. Let me know if you are tech savvy.

I encounter a bug in the integration of my doorbird in homey.
In the doorbird administrator mode, I created a user that I name Homey.
On Homey, I install the doorbird application using the identifier created and I have an error message that appears
Can you confirm that the identification must be done with the last identifier created and not the main identifier?

It’s not a bug. And this error is also unrelated to the credentials. And please dont post the same question twice.

The messages is telling you Homey cant reach your DoorBird. Could be because of specific network setup like seperated LAN’s or device isolation but could also be because Homey is acting funny (which happens with it’s unstable network stack). In the first it’s up to you to figure out why Homey cant reach the IP of your DoorBird. In the latter a reboot from Homey should solve it.

it’s OK. Doobird works again. Thank you