[APP][Pro] Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey

No active times :stuck_out_tongue:
Chronograph is the best for adding a lott of timers that are not active.
So, if you’re alone in the house (thus only a few timers active at once) and have a lot of sensors which turn out lights for you after 5 minutes, Chronograph is the performancewise master in that!

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why use a timer instead of “zone inactive for x minutes” ?

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Euhm, i don’t wanna switch on/off all lights in the room, only where i am sitting… :wink:
My Hallway has a couple of motion sensors and lights connected to them. I dont want them controlling all lights in the hallway.
Just one of many examples.

Also, i don’t have sensor everywhere, like in my office.
But i do use a Timer thats starts after my PC is shutdown and after 10 minutes, make’s sure that the Thermostat and lights are turned off.
Not sure if/how i can realise this with ZOne Activity?

Are you talking about as surveillancy check, whether the motion sensor has reported within a time frame or not?
That would definitely work. Never thought about that.

i don’t have homey pro so i use the zone inactive for x minutes for this mosty - and sometimes the built in delay in homey.

Awell, sure, that’s fine and probably perfectly fits.

But as soons as you use a pro, you will start to use timers/countdowns.
Even if it would only be because Homey could be restarted, and delayes will just stop.

Also, but not an issue if you use zone-active/activity, delays cannot be stopped, timers/countdowns can. Big deal for a lott of people :slight_smile:

I actually want to create a Search Device card (just like the Search Flows card in DC) which would allow you to seach for a certain capability (like all devices with a battery in it).
You would get an JSON array back, which you can itterate through with JSON Handler.
Within the loop you can check the insight of each found device and add it to a textvariable.
After the loop is done, send the textvariable to a mobile or something.

Then you don’t need to code at all (what i tried to do with HOOP also).
And you would get a AF with just a couple of cards, checking all your devices you include in the search :slight_smile:

But first got to solve a UTC/Local time issue on Better Logic.

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Quite OT - but why not just use a “lastUpdated” ?
When You anyway manage with virtually any device (timer associated), then, may-be instead of “nulling” timers, just over all devices and over all capabilitiesObj check the lastUpdated.

NB! There are devices with multiple “capabilitiesObj” and some “capabilitiesObj” do not have/have null “lastUpdated”.

Take a look at this flow set.
I’d like to make the alerts dynamic, instead of sending complete overviews. So only the ‘silent’ sensors get reported after x hours.
But didn’t find a way yet…

Use JSON Handler to go through sets.

Work like a charm, thanks. This solves my problem with surveillance of sensors with minimum load on Homey.

Is it possible to use tags in the “Retrieve the insight values” card? Looks like it is not possible. I wanted to automate it with Adv Triggers.

Yeah, i understand and yes, its on my list. But it’s a long list and yesterday i finished an really amasing idea for an app, sort of, which i now started developing.
So it’s on my list. But it will take some time (or you get lucky and i have some extra spare time).

Would you mind creating a ticket for it?
Those always get a bit higher priority with me, since i repeatedly try to clear the tickets before continuing non-support-development.

Please tell me about it!!!

Of course, will do right now.


Not just yet :wink:

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I’m trying to use the ‘Timer has duration’-card, but it doesn’t seem to ever trigger. Does anyone else use this card? Don’t know whether it should trigger when the duration is left or duration has passed since starting it.

I tried using it in different ways and trigger a notification when duration is 1 minute, set the timer to 3 minutes. Also tried using it with seconds. Never get the notification.


Try it with the timer name entered manually, instead of using a variable.
There’s a (long time) issue about standard flows adding a trailing whitespace to variable values…
You can check it with a Timeline notification f.i.

These are my season text variable values without any whitespace. But somehow it gets added. The ( ) signs are not part of the variable’s value

This is the result, when I use an Advanced Flow:

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 16-38-11 E-mail - Peter D - STRATO Webmail

Oh, and your timer trigger should trigger when it has run for 1 minute, regardless of the timer’s duration you entered. Which has to be higher than 1 minute ofcourse.

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The optional dropdownlist is a really great idea. Now I’m just have to remember the name of my timers etc.

Use CountDown App voor Homey | Homey :wink:

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I will create that, but not just now if you don’t mind :wink:

You can make a feature/support ticket, that always get’s some priority.

I’m not in a hurry. The app works great for me!

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