[APP][Pro] Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey

Seems to work a bit, I used BL date card to filter out today’s date

I made already a feature request on Bitbucket. You can vote for this fr to get higher in priority.


On the countdown app

does this card no longer work? i have some flows that are not responding anymore and this new test countdown is not going to 0 either.
I tried in advance flows to same results.

This is the Chronograph topic :wink:

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Yes im sorry but i cant find a topic from the maker.

Support info is mostly available at the bottom of app pages. It’s not a forum topic in this case. Here you go, it’s called ‘create an issue’ :

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Well, i actually did a large part of the sdk3 update, and @ralfvd , i will look into the bug. Will be tommorow late or monday tho.

Oke but i have a answer from @ralfvd on the GitHub The bug is change to how it should be work on that card. I have to change my flows to stop or start cards that works to.

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Hey Arie,

I didn’t know about this Chronograph card yet :blush:
Screenshot from 2022-11-21 21-51-31

but, there’s a catch.
I remembered this from the “Wait and Switch” app: running flows get killed after 89s.
The same happens here, when you enter a value of 90s or higher in this Chronograph card, the flow ‘dies’.

So imho a card description like “Use this card to delay the following ‘Then’ card(s) by max. 89 seconds” should be added.

Link to bitbucket issue.



When i start a stopwatch there is no way to cancel it, i can only stop it but i can’t cancel it even when i pause it it registers as a stop (and the flow “if stopwatch is stopped” runs)

i want to cancel out a stopwatch if the event is less then 5 seconds i can make a timer to make sure it isnt canceled but then i lose 5 seconds of the stopwatch…

tldr; can you add a flowcard that just cancels a stopwatch

Love Chronograph!
However, I’m using variables as timer names, so I know how many timers I’m using, and to easily find them. It works, except when “Timer xxx has reached a duration of…”. I assume this is a bug…?

Hey, ill look into it. Please create a ticket through the support link on the app store.

maybe i don’t see it, but the waiting time which you can add, can have more than 89 seconds delay? in the foto it says it will not be able to trigger any following cards, but when i set an delay it triggers everything perfectly.

just curious…

Hi Robin, I just tested again for you. Maybe you can share your flow, I’m curious what’s different in our results

When I set the delay to 90s or more, nothing happens, see the first entries in the timeline.
When set to 89 or lower, the flow continues after the set delay time:
Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 02-46-08 1.HomeyPro Peter

Hi Ronni, fully agree with you. Lovely app. I can confirm this bug. I have the same with the 'stopwatch has reached a duration of… It somehow doesnt trigger since, i believe a couple of days. Hope @Arie_J_Godschalk can fix it soon :slight_smile:

I don’t use this card from the chronograph app, I use the wait time from homey itself. is see no difference between this card and the homey card. it continues the flow after the delay is finished right?

DUH… this bug is about the Chronograph delay card.
This topic is about the Chronograph app :wink:

The build-in delay works fine, that’s right.
But, it has one major disadvantage over Chronograph: running delays disappear after a Homey restart, Chronograph delays and timers continue where they were before the restart.

I’m sorry Peter, I thought from you’re last message that it a homey problem was, because you mentioned an other app as well.

Ah I see, Robin, I think you mean this?

It is difficult to be clear sometimes😊. What I meant is:
It is a Homey flow handler issue imho, but only with app delay cards.
The build-in delays work fine.

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It seems that this issue (#7) is now categorized as a “wontfix”. Any reason for that @Arie_J_Godschalk ??

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