Can manual press of a button delay automation?

Hey everyone,

I would like to buy a homey-pro for my new house to automate everything more easily than with my home assistant.

There is only one thing that is holding me back and I couldn’t find it neither in the homey videos, nor on the community forums.

Let me give you an example of what i am doing and what i am looking for:

So I have a smart socket from nous in which I’m plugging my iron (clothing).
Then, I start the smart plug so I press the switch button in my home assistant, through which i give power to that iron and it starts heating.

Now, let’s say I forget to unplug the iron today, so I have an automation that checks every 5 minutes 24/7 if the iron is consuming any electricity and if it does, this will stop it.
This would be wrong to be left like that because it will stop my iron while i am actually ironing.

Here comes my second consition that i couldn’t find here so far.

So when i press the switch button in order to start, it logs that time. Now, besides checking the wattage consumption, it also checks if that switch was pressed in the last 20 minutes. And only if both these consitions are satisfied it will stop the power to the iron

And my question is: is there a way to use the logs of buttons pressing and based on that, to delay the every 5 minute repetitive automation until 20 minutes from that button actions have passed?

Sorry for the long post but i wanted to be as accurate and easy to understand as i could.

Thank you!

You can use the Chronograph app to set such timers.


Not sure I follow your reasoning, but I think the Chronograph app would solve this in a way that’s easy to understand and maintain.
One flow where a button press would set a timeout timer to 20 minutes and turn on the socket, one flow when the timer times out that switches off the socket.

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Thanks a lot for your answers! Much faster than I expected

Have a great rest of weekend!