[APP][Pro] Broadlink App

Will Broadlink app be upgraded to support Homey pro 2023 ?


Hi Remko, can we expect a working solution for the Homey Pro 2023? :soon:

I doubt, Remko is not active on this forum nor on GitHUB (literally not at all). Another developer, who uploaded modified version to HCS was Pieterv123 but based on another discussion he is not interested on maintaining it - [APP][Pro] Broadlinkred App - #38 by Pieterv123 … but there was question from @Monique_Jilesen - [APP][Pro] Broadlinkred App - #37 by Monique_Jilesen … so maybe “this is the way” ? :wink:

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I would suggest going for a Tuya cloud solution (15 euro device on Ali). Works better than the broadlink ever did and if you already use the Tuya cloud for devices it saves you an app :slight_smile:

What kind of device do you mean? Does it have the same functionality like Broadlink?

I don’t know what functionalities you use but learning RF works like a charm for me.

This is the one I have but there are multiple different designs;
€ 13,25 35% Off | Tuya Smart RF IR Remote Control WiFi Smart Home for Air Conditioner ALL TV LG TV Support Alexa,Google Home

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Thanks i will check it. I just use it for an airconditioner

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