[APP][Pro] Better Lights for Homey

:bulb:Update v2.0.5

New Live version!


:star2: Overall App Enhancements: Experience an improved Better Lights App with various enhancements aimed at enhancing usability and performance across the board.

With Better Lights, managing your lighting setup becomes a breeze! :bulb: Easily combine three actions into a single flow card, simplifying brightness adjustments, color changes, and toggling on/off. :art: Experience streamlined control and elevate your smart lighting automation with ease! :dizzy:

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Why does this need permission to “Manage entire Homey?”. Generally not keen on installing apps that require this, unless there is a very good reason, especially as this app should only be changing light settings?

This is necessary otherwise the app cannot control your devices (lights).


Hello all,

I appear to have ran into a bug (or I might be doing something wrong, which I am certainly not excluding either)

I am trying to use Better Lights in combination with 4 Ikea Tradfri lights and a Tradfri (soon Vallhorn probably) motion sensor.

The first and last flow turn on the lights, but do just that. They don’t change any color or brightness level. They both target single lights.

The middle flow targets an entire zone, and this one does work.

I want the flow to work as the first one. So set the three spots to a certain color and the led strip to another one.

Am I maybe doing something wrong, or have a encoutered a bug?

Kind regards,


Hi @Mark_Jansen can you send me a report please?

Done. Thanks for the quick reply.

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Hey, this is a very helpful great app, there’s only one feature I’m missing: that’s duration for THEN card settings, i.e. like Dim to 100% over 2 seconds. It’s not available, no – or did I miss something.



@LRvdLinden just found your app while looking for an easy way to solve this. I was wondering if it might be possible to extend/duplicate some of the cards affecting multiple lights to read something like this:

  • Dim [[light_state]] lights for [[zone]] to [[%]]
  • Set [[light_state]] lights to color [[color]] for [[zone]]
  • etc

With light state being either all (default), turned on or turned off.

Because I think only wanting to influence currently turned on lights in a room for example is a pretty common use case.