[APP][Pro] AwoX - Connected Lighting

Connected Lighting

AwoX is a specialist in connected lighting.
The company has a very wide range of connected lighting products.
These are also sold under the brand EGLO Connect by AwoX

Adjust the RGB color, brightness, set your preferred white temperature and unlock the full potential of your devices through AwoX app on Homey

The app is a Community initiative.
To request additional devices, please use Athom Homey Community Forum.

At this moment only Zigbee is supported for the devices, no Bluetooth.

AwoX uses one common ProductID for multiple types of devices (Dim, Tunable, RGB)
Please use the correct device with Pairing, or you will have the incorrect capabilities.
Advantage: Probably a lot devices are already supported.

In the Appstore

Test version (if available): AwoX | Homey



They also got a LED strip, will this be supported too?

At this moment difficult to say,
as all device I see up till now all have an identical
“modelId”: “TLSR82xx” / “manufacturerName”:“AwoX”
It probably will work.
On the other side I probably underestimated the complexity of a driver to update the status in Homey if the light is changed from BLE from the AwoX App.

Working on a newer driver to let the Bulb give feedback to Homey if you change Dim using the AwoX App but this still has a bug changing the Color or Temperature from the AwoX App.

I am not yet convinced and not going to spend more money on this brand as Eglo wasn’t providing much information on my request.

Bought RGB Awox bulbs.
Got the Awox app for Homwy Pro.
Bulb will not add; reset done twice.
What do I do?

Please use the support links on the app page to ask your Q :wink:
But here you go:


therefore moved.