[APP][PRO] Aseko Pool dosing systems

Soon to be realeased app for integration of Aseko Pool Live dosing and control systems.


Great! My parents use this at their summer house, so it will be most welcomed!

Initial release is live.

I do not own one myself, it was requested on the forum.

If you can please let me know the unit type they are using. This one only has been tested with ASIN Home.

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They use Asin Aqua Salt. We need to extend the wifi network to the machine room, but will try to get it done the next time I’m there!

Salinity is something I need to get in, so when you have wifi fixed, could you grant me temp access? So I can debug the info…just need it for a day or so.

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Release 1.2.0 is about to be released.

Add timeline triggers for issues and issue solved.
Better authorization checking, seen a lot of issues with Aseko platform availability.

would it be possible to make visible in the application whether the device is active? because only at that moment the values are adequate, but on their basis you can make a flow, for example. either if it can be read directly from aseko or perhaps according to the timer settings

Hi Roman, can you define what active is?

I do not own one, just wrote the app on request, so I am depending on another person’s account at the moment.

Martin Verbeek

Hi Martin,

it is active when the device is switched on (produces chlorine) according to the timer. an option in the flow would be enough to query in AND if it is active or not. i.e. if the current time is within the timer range

can you provide me with a screenshot of the timer/active situation in Pool Live app? I do not see that in the screens i have acces to.

I think i know where to find it, but Carls account does not have filtration connected, so i cannot test it. Could you lend me your credentials for a couple of days?


i need to logon to your unit to get the output of the required request, do you have an issue if you provide me with your logon/password? When i finish, just change the pw…

Hi Roman, might not be needed…will let you know

Not needed, can manage without it.

check if this works for you

it also has Salinity added as a capability, timeline triggers are available as well


[mod break: removed private data, better do to these things via a PM (private message), or you’ed want to have 50.000 people to also have access.]

Thanks Roman, i already found another way to find out what the responses are. There is a test vesion on the app store. No need for your password anymore :sunglasses:

Hi Martin,


Hi Roman, yes 1.2.2 is a available for test on the store.

1.3.0 will be immediately released after that, it has triggers dor timeline error events