[APP][Pro] Archive Insights - export all your Insights data to a NAS, FTP or web folder

Has anyone got the webdav to work with onedrive?
I’m trying with the URL https://d.docs.live.net/“MYCUSTOMID” where mycustomid is a uniqe id for all users.
But when trying, i get an error saying 401 unauthorized.

I get lots of this type of error. What exactly does it mean? [log] 2022-05-14 10:49:23 Insights data is corrupt and will be truncated to the first 2925 records for Heating Controller price_SEK.

I can’t get the ftp server on my router to work. Zyxel online modem.
Could you also save that zipped file locally on my android phone ?
And what does Google Drive run on could you link there ?
Would like to save a record from insights of temperatures every month. Automatically via a flow

Edit: I found this https://www.multcloud.com
i look of this is works.