[APP] Philips Hue - Transform the way you experience light

It looks like I have a smilar problem like some folks mentioned above,


Since some times the motionsensor stops reporting after a while,
after restarting the app , everythings works fine, ( i have to do this (almost) daily.


I use this to see if my wife is awake and i can call here,(she works all ours) and I don’t want to wake her.
I usually look if a zone is active or not, but when the sensor stops reporting , there is no notification (see diiference in Yellow)

The app is not completely crashed, i have flows with zwave sensors turning hue lights on, this still works, How to solve this mystery ?
I think I detected this problem for the first time, is between 3 and 5 weeks ago.

Same issue here. Already had three mornings waking up with the sensors/button data not being received by Homey. Looking in the app it usually has a last update of many hours ago, even on the temperature/brightness data.

Restarting the app helps, after which new data comes in after a few minutes. Still very annoying though.

I have the same problem of lost connection with Hue every few hours. And also with my Netatmo wheather station. It is very annoying since your home system is not reliable anymore and behaves differently, and you need to repair/reinstall the app several times a day.

Until there is a solution: I have made an automatic notification for a broken connection (after a while). You can reset a timer (by using the app Chronograph) every time the Hue sensor is active. And send a notification when the timer runs to zero, AND e.g. you are at home. (It gives a false report if no one enters the room for a while.)

I recently replaced my batteries on my 100% working pir sensor from phillips hue, but after that the motion information does not register at homey, just the temp and lux. It works fine on the hue app. I restarted hue on homey, and tried to repair the sensor. No luck. Any ideas of what’s going on?

That problem I also had.

In the and I deleted the sensor in the Hue app and added it there after again.

Yeah, might need to do that. Is there a way to not have to add the ned sensor manually in every flow?

I didn´t notice but you are right. Netatmo weather station is working fine for me…except the wind station