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Something was getting in the way of communications, do you have all your smart devices set in your router/DHCP device with static/reserved IP addresses?

Weird. Mine just magically started working a few hours after I posted. Maybe yours went where mine came from? The only thing I tried is to restart the Hue app. At the moment I did that, nothing changed, but when I looked a few hours later it suddenly started working. I can’t see whether my two sensors started at a different moment because they register so many events that the log was overflowing before I looked, but the temperature graphs seem to start at the same time.

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Same problems here, last movement was 3 days ago. I rebooted Hue bridge and Homey. Now its working again.


I’ve had the unpleasant joy of using Friends of Hue via Hue Hub, while all other lighting systems have been migrated to Homey. As many here know, this results in a slight delay from when you click a button on the switch, to when it reacts and does the job.

Some days (maybe weeks) ago, there was a sudden change where this no longer happened. Lights turned on exactly when you clicked the button on the switch. This change was very welcome, but I suspect the new Hue update end of april borked this functionality.

Now, none of my switches work, and i’m not sure where it’s stuttering. I haven’t done much troubleshooting on Homey, so I was wondering if anyone has figured something out or can tell me where I should be looking. I’ve created a flow to just send me a notification when a button on a switch is clicked on, but nada.

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Thanks! Also tried restarting both hubs and after a short while the motion sensor started working again.

All my Hue motion sensor based flows are broken since motion sensors are reporting results from 4 days ago…

I already tried:

  • repairing the sensors in the app (for which I have to tap the button on the Hue bridge; so this is re-pairing?)
  • restarting the Hue (Homey) app
  • restarting the Hue bridge
  • restarting my Homey Pro (2016-2019)

But unfortunately still data from 4 days ago.

How can I fix this?

I think at this point contact Homey Support, it is an official app so they do provide support, and in my experience quickly

Update: as of this morning the sensors mysteriously work again in the Hue Homey app…

(show current instead of stale data)

Does it take this long after all those actions to get back in a stable state?

Not normally. When I restart Homey, something I don’t do too often, I tend to allow about 30 minutes before having any expectations

Correct. Everything on the network has reserved adresses. Never had issues with HP2016, but since my upgrade to HP2033 I have all kinds of wierd errors and bugs.

Same here, the HUE App is hanging and after restart of the Hue app on homey, the app works again.

App is up to date 6.1.12