[APP] NetAtmo by Athom

Is the image still being delivered for you when using “The doorbell has been rang” ? Is it broken by Netatmo ?

Here i have a snowfall. Image is gone.

I contacted support, they are aware of it - maybe I suggest you to contact them as well, to increase “priority” … on the other side, Doorbell API is still not yet officially released by Netatmo :frowning: So in worst case scenario, they (Athom) can remove it.

Will I be able to see the rain forecast in Homey after connecting the Netatmo Rain Gauge? Indoor and outdoor module does not offer this option…

Nope, just actual data…for forecast use eg. Weather Underground…

Seems that Doorbell is again getting picture to the Homey - not sure if it wasn’t related also to the update to v7.1.5-rc.1

Hi, could it be possible to add “Velux Active” in this app? @Bram

Thx in advance!


I’ve contacted support. Developing this app is not a priority. Athom wants device manufacturers involved. Their suggestion is to contact Netatmo and ask them to officially support Homey and develop an app. This appears to be the new company strategy for all (Atom) devices and apps.

netatmo smart video doorbell homey Invalid Response (400) Why?

Jesper, see my comment earlier in time:

The app was updated two days ago to version 5.4.0 and now supports the CO detector and smoke detector.

Unfortunetly, the CO detector was not found when trying to add a new device. I had to repair the connection with the Netatmo API. First go to Netatmo and remove Homey access, then repair one of your other Netatmo devices or try to add the new device. The CO detector was added succesfully.

I am not sure why, but after this, none of the Netatmo devices trigger any of my flows. I think it is a bug in the app. Deleting and subsequently adding devices does not solve the problem. I have send Athom an e-mail regarding my problem. I’ll keep you posted. But for now, do not renew the connection with Netatmo from Homey. It might break things. If you have any suggestion how to fix this, please let me know.


Athom support is investigating the problem

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hi, i noticed that the temperature between homey and netatmo thermostat updates every 15 minutes, is it possible to reduce this interval to 5 minutes?

Netatmo only updates itself under Homey when a value has changed. As far as I know, Homey queries the server every 10 minutes. This value is fixed by Netatmo and cannot be changed.


It seems Athom cannot reproduce the problem. The suggestion was to remove the Netatmo app completely, go to the Netatmo site and remove access granted to Homey and then reinstall everything. That did not work. After rebooting Homey everything worked fine. So I do not know what the actual solution was. Re-adding Netatmo or just rebooting Homey. Anyway, everything is working fine now.

Anyone got the Co2 unit working?

I don’t know about a CO2 module but my Weather station is perfectly reporting CO2, both base Station a s all three extra units. . For what I heard the Home Coach also works and reports CO2.

btw The App Review is not a Complaint Box,
Pls Contact the Developer with questions.

Is anyone using Netatmo Indoor Cam (Welcome) and trigger Known face detected ? According to the timeline in the official Netatmo App it works just fine but the trigger on Athom Homey side seems to be extremely unreliable - sometime is not triggered at all (for specific person defined on Netatmo side), sometimes only 1 in 10 cases (estimation).
Anyone else with this experience or it just works fine for you ? Thank you.

Does the Doorbell has rang trigger still works for everyone ?