[APP] Fibaro - Your home is your castle (by Athom)

I did Fibaro RGBW Controller

OK - yep, thank you. I don’t understand how to use this to try to solve my problem tho :-/ I don’t see any parameter values in the advanced settings - is this referring to the Raw configuration parameters field?
Thanks :slight_smile:

yep, raw paramenters - just bang that in there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately that doesn’t make any difference :-/

I don’t think I’m doing anything complex here - just trying to toggle an RGB LED strip on and off, so that it returns to the same colour and brightness each time?

Could someone at Homey to look at this please - we’re about to install 12 or so of these in a new flat to control an LED wall, so I do need it to work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Right. Apologies if I didn’t remember everything in there.

some of my fibaro switches (single and double) don’t have the energy consumption feature anymore. Only one double switch still has it. anyone facing the same issue?
Maybe that was changed for older fibaro devices over the last release(s)?

Is there a list available for each device with implemented / supported features?

Cheers, Tom

Do you know when Walli Roller Shutter will be available on homey ?
Thank you

As per the opening post HERE you should make a feature request to Athom.
The Fibaro app is managed by Athom and they are not reading this forum actively, let alone answer us. :grinning:

How can I change the value, I want to change it but I receive an error.

I receive it by every Fibaro switch.

Hi guys, just got a Fibaro FGS-221. I know that this has the possibility to be dry contact, but I wanted to confirm - is it like this out of the box? I don’t want to accidentally melt my switch I’m planning on connecting it to!

Relay had Input contact, that one is for alternative “Live” whichever it is. Do not connect your 220V to “I” rather whatever second source you want.

It is, just not 100% functional. It does do the dimmer alike function so you can open / close it.

Yes. You can run it at 24v or 230v . Just dont connect relais input with common of the powersource of it when u use different voltage. So 230v and input of relais blue wire or brown of the same 230v is ok. 24v running the fibaro and that same source on input of relais is ok. 24v and this null wire on relais with 230v null wire is not ok.

Since a few weeks I am experiencing issues with scene activation with my Dimmer 2 units. I have flows linked to double click and triple click. It still works, but the flows are always triggered twice. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

I have already restarted Homey a few times, checked all my flows and I have the problem with multiple units.

Thanks to @Caseda and @Thorarin, great they are helping Athom :ok_hand:


The update doesn‘t run on my system :frowning:
At the same time the Fibaro flows don‘t work anymore.
Any idea that could have happened?

PTP for 15 minutes?

Hurray, it works again.
Thanks a lot for your help!
But it turned out that the problem wad triggered by one roller shutter (& Fibaro) that had been disconnected from power because of maintenance work. It seens that the mesh network was broken through this.
But I would not have expected that this could have affected the update of an Homey app. Strange!

Hi all,

I have an issue with fibaro smart implant. The device is visible and recognised by homey but not by neither Google assistant nor Alexa.
I need your support to solve it.
An idea ?