App Countdown: Action 'STOP' triggers 'Zandloper Leeg'?

Hi there ,

I have a staircase in my house with upstairs and downstairs a Coolcam PIR (motion detector) . The flows turns the lights on when someone walks up or down the stairs. This has always worked well. Recently I noticed that if you walk up and the PIR downstairs has turn on the lights, the moment the PIR upstairs sees mee that the light goes out for a second and then directly on again.
The flow contains an instruction that when the (other) PIR becomes active, the countdown instruction ‘Zandloper Trap STOP’ is set and then the lighting is turned on.
I now suspect that something has changed somewhere (not in my flows) causing the “Zandloper Trap STOP” action to trigger the “Zandloper Trap leeg” trigger. The latter turns off the light.

This was never an issue.
Does anyone recognize this (new) behavior?


try the app timer . does everting within one flow
you xan select the device from within the timer action

I had a similar problem.
A timer (Chronograph App) should be started when the brightness of a light sensor has fallen below a certain lux value. When the timer reached 0 an action should be started.
This flow worked for months without any problems until I did a Homey firmware update.
After the firmware update the timer did not run to 0 anymore. With every lux change, of course below the target value, the timer started again from the beginning. But as the lux value kept updating at intervals of only a few seconds, the timer kept restarting and never reached 0.

The conclusion is that my flow was set up incorrectly and for whatever reason it had worked before the firmware update.
Maybe it’s a similar problem and it’s not a bug in the Chronograph app.

To solve the problem maybe it makes sense to group the sensors with the Group app and/or adjust the “Motion sensor blindtime” of the sensors. Or adjust the flows.
Maybe you could post the flows.

@MarcoRuiter .

Tried the app “Timer” and this solves my problem.
So case closed :wink: Thanks for the tip.

But it is still strange and a big question where that behavior came from so out of the blue.