[APP][Cloud & Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v4.0.37, test v4.0.75)

After trying to add the shutters, could you open the Configure App page and select the Device Log tab. Then tap on Get Log and once the list is filled, tap on Send Log.
I can then tell you which option to select when adding them or add support for them if it is missing.

Thanks a lot Adrian, below is the code of the diagnostic report.

Ah, sorry, unfortunately the diagnostic log doesn’t contain enough information. Could you go to the app settings or Configure App page

And tap on Get Log then send log.

Done! :+1:

Got it, thanks. Your shutters aren’t currently supported so I will add them in ASAP.
Could you send a link to them from a website or a picture so I can pick the best existing device to add them into.

Great! Thanks a lot Adrian!
It’s PROFALUX shutter.

I use a DONGLE USB for zigbee, because Tahoma box need this dongle to communicate with the shutters.

Tell me if you want more informations.

Thanks a lot.

I have published a new test version. The shutters are added using the ‘Roller shutter (io)’ option

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Awesome! It works!
I just have this message which should not appear:

I sent you the log.

I think I have found the problem and a new test version will be available in a few minutes.

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My io Somfy sunscreen doesn’t respond. With the original remote from somfy it works, but with a flow it doesn’t work. Also trying to operate it from Homey early 2023 with the devicescree. But it doesn’t work. When i look into the information log i see this

A dead device?

I added new batteries a few days ago in my windsensor 3D. After this it doesn’t work properly. Yesterday i renewed the batteries again. But no solution.

Restarted the app, somfy tahoma. But nothing works. Any idea?

Can you operate it using the Somfy app?

Those messages are coming back from the Somfy API, so it seems the bridge is not happy about something.

Never use the somfy app. But indeed it has a exclamation mark, saying the batteries are empty or a sensor is defect. If you want to proceed, push the OK button and use at own risk.

So you need to contact Somfy to fix the problem.
If you want me to try and add the option to use at own risk, then enable the log in my app and then press OK in the Somfy app. In theory, I should see the command in the log that is sent to override the error.

Thx, maybe i do. First i will try to investigate what the problem is and if i can solve it.

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Thanks for your great job Adrian, it works perfectly! :pray:
Where is the Donate button?

Great, thanks for the feedback. As I’m a certified developer, Athom doesn’t show the donate button.

Hi Adrian,

Just like MaxZ, I have some Profalux roller shutters connected to my Tahoma box. However, they belong to an older generation that use a proprietary protocol on the 868 MHz band. To achieve this, I use a specific USB dongle. Currently, I can already control them from Homey with a workaround. Actually, I have created simple scenarios in SomfyConnect to open and close them and with the help of your App, I can play them in Homey.

However, I would prefer to control them directly to gain flexibility so I was wondering if you could add support to those devices? In the device log I just sent you, they are labelled “profalux868:Profalux868RollerShutter”. Please note, it only uses a one-way communication protocol so it is closer to RTS than IO system. Currently, I am still using Homey Pro 2019 but I am going to switch soon to HP 2023.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide me.

It is in the new test version. Add it using the ‘Blind or Shutter (RTS)’.

If you enable the log in the Information Log tab of the App Configuration page, then operate your garage door and gate via the Somfy app, it should log the parameters sent to open / close them. Then send the log and I will try to add support for them as well.

Fantastic! I found them immediately after installing your new test version. At least now, I can stop any roller shutter in action which was not possible when using only the Somfy scenario. This will allow me to create new flows, for example, to close the shutter partially based on elapsed time.
Regarding the garage door opener, I no longer use that system, at the moment it’s no longer powered (it requires 24 Volt). Actually, it’s a Somfy box called “Standard Receiver RTS” with 2 relays. If I find another usage I will let you know so we can try to set it up. It’s really kind of you to suggest it.
Other question, if I activate “Local Access” in my Somfy account, do you think my roller shutters will be supported by the local connection? They are my only equipment that rely on Internet and I’d like to avoid it.
Thanks a lot for your great help Adrian!