[APP][Cloud & Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v4.0.37, test v4.0.75)

I had no errors. Just resubmitted new device log and diag report:


anything I can do to help? desperately seeking for a solution with this breach at home.


I have published a new test version with support for your sliding gate.

!!! thanks Adrian!


I installed the test. Functionality check tomorrow. First glimp after device install in the app:

The tile of the device shows [windows covering] DOWN / UP, suppose it should be CLOSED / OPENED

The flow card [THE STATE CHANGED] shows UP IDLE DOWN, suppose it should be OPENING / IDLE / CLOSING

For the last, I don’t know what the IDLE state would mean, suppose not moving.


The app uses built in capabilities and that is the closest match.

The idle can also be used to stop the movement.

No problem at all, just mentioned it. Last question, is there any chance to read the position, same as the garagedoor, from 0.0 closed to 1 open?

Hmm, I thought that was already there. Can you see the slider to control the position in the Homey device screens?

I don’t think so, the only thing I see is up and idle down functionality, no slider.

Another thing is the pedestrial switch. In Tahoma when used again, the fence closes.
In the app using the switch and the gate opens in pedestrial position, using the switch again, nothing happens.

Ok, I will check the log again as I thought I saw position information and if it’s there I will add the slider which will enable the Flow cards.
Hopefully, I should be able to do that this evening when I get home.

Well Adrian, take it slow. The functionality is there, I can operate and read the fence commands open and closed now!

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: We use pin 60 and 62 of the BFT motor to operate pedestrian position (PED) We will change that later in PED TIMER, closing the gate after xx seconds automatically. You app is required to monitor that movement and positions.

Again, thanks

Hi Adrian

Coming back to this: is it possible to add the ‘tilt-nudge’ action to flows? Then I can ‘save’ a lot more positions with the blinds.


Nickk, we are testing a electric fence motor, hope you refer to your original message as you wrote coming back to this.


Correct, my message got burried under the newer messages. I replied to my own message

I’m still concerned about this one. The tilt buttons are part of a built-in capability that doesn’t have the Flow card defined. I do wonder how reliable it would be, as in, does it move the same amount every time and does it need a delay between packets, etc.
I will have a play with my blind.

If it is any help: I do the same routine every day for about 2 years now. The same amount of nudging every morning to place the blinds horizontallly. I think it’s consistent because the ‘my’ position is based on the same principe? (nudfing the motor a certain amount of times). But I can be wrong about my last statement :slight_smile:

The log only shows me that the command was already being sent.
Could you open the app settings page and select the Information Log tab, then enable the log and run the Flow. Then go back to the log and tap on Send Log.
I can’t see any reason why it should have stopped working as the card is a built in one and it just calls the same code as the UI.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Now that I do so, the flow “suddenly” works! :slight_smile:
I did update to the latest testversion (v4.0.82) in the meantime. Perhaps that could have solved something?
Anyway, sorry for the disturb then. Everything works great again! Thx.

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Hi Adrian. Any news on the positioning? No rush as I said, but wondering if I can test it this weekend…


New test version in the store.
Also includes Nudge Tilt Flow card @Nickk