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Bring data from your Batrium Watchmon into your Homey.


This app relies on the Batrium UDP datagrams that are generated when it is connected to wifi and broadcast is set to On and Verbose.
The setting is reached via Hardware ā†’ Integration in the Watchmon Windows app.

Iā€™m using the latest Watchmon firmware version as of the end of March 2021, which the app is tested on.

Watchmon device type


  • Power
  • Shunt current
  • Status
  • Battery SoC
  • Shunt volt
  • Remaining capacity
  • Min cell volt
  • Max cell volt
  • Min cell temp
  • Max cell temp
  • Charge rate state
  • Discharge rate state
  • Cumulative charge
  • Cumulative discharge


  • Status changed
  • Charge rate state changed
  • Discharge rate state changed
  • Maximum cell volt difference changed
  • SoC changed


  • Status is
  • Battery SoC is
  • Maximum cell volt diff is

As usual, any feedback is welcome :smile:

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I see I got a few installs of the app :slight_smile:
The next version due to be approved by Athom is not backwards compatible Iā€™m afraid - so you will have to remove the Watchmon device and add it again after you get version 0.9.2. Decided to do some refactoring of capability names, etc upfront.