Homey x MyGrid's ModuleOne Plug and Play Home Battery

Hello there,

I’m Jan, the found from MyGrid. I just had a conversation with one of your top community developers and he said that our product would fit with the Homey community.

We are a startup from Belgium and we have developed a plug-and-play home battery that allows you to store energy when prices are cheap and discharge it when they are expensive.
Moreover, you can also use it as a portable power bank for all your outdoor needs. Basically an easy all-round flexible energy solution!

Is this something you guys would like? If so we’ll start working on our Homey app asap.
Hit like if you think this it is a good idea.

You can find the link here if you want to now more https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/janwellens/mygrid-moduleone-plug-and-play-homebattery

Greets Jan


Especially the powerbank feature makes this one interesting for me. I could use it as a portable 230VAC backup supply in house.

I have been looking for ways to keep the most essential systems going during a power failure. In the winter that would be my central heating (gas boiler) and throughout the year my internet/wifi. With the war in Ukrain chances of losing power, especially in the winter, have unfortunately increased IMO.

I hope you get the kickstarter funding!


Nice solution, especially for people with an off grid (small) solarpanels (balcon power station).
Implemented with a app in Homey, even better :ok_hand:


As a backer of your project I would love to see an integration with Homey. By running it local, it would make the application completely independent of the cloud/internet. For me that would be a very big :heavy_plus_sign:!