Home battery (Thuisbatterij)

Are there users on this forum that have been able to integrate a Home battery in Homey?
I would be interesting for me to get some feedback on this.

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I am in Belgium and looking to invest too. Have solar panels with SMA inverter. Electric heat pump could be smartened and avoid consuming grid energy.

It would be great to have an alternative to the “Zonnepanelen” app where all battery inverters are listed.


And the official Sessy app is now available: [APP][PRO] SESSY Thuisbatterij

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yep got solaredge with LG 10kwh batt. plus for Belgium made import and export restrictions.


Just as an idea, the Piggy Bank app is aimed at smart controlling your devices when you have to deal with the Belgian and Norwegian peak tariff system.
Might be interesting to check out.

I am in NL, long live salderen hehe.

But I know few people use battery and my flows to make sure to restrict import and export else you have to pay more in BE for every 15 min. the max usage counts.

But for dynamic contract you can do the same when you have to pay for export or charge the batt to the max.

If you have other use cases for the app than to keep the Norwegian and Belgian power tariff then I would happily add support for that. The app is under continuous development. Though Belgian support is quite fresh and I have not gotten confirmation from anyone in Belgium that the app works as claimed, but I haven’t used any time to publicly announce it for Belgian forums yet because I wanted to finish some significant updates to the user interfaces first, but anyone would be welcomed to try if they want :slight_smile:

You mentioned dynamic contracts where you have to pay for export, is this really a thing? I thought you would always get paid for export?

I still do everything based on a year . all import and export. but some do this by the hour. When there is too wind and sun then you get paid to use energy or have to pay when you do export.
So charge your car and shutdown the inverter during those hours.

So I have already been thinking on adding the following power limiters to the app:

  • One limiter that makes sure that the cost of the electricity does not exceed a certain threshold during any hour. (distributed across the whole hour)
  • A similar limiter per day.
  • A similar limiter per month.

If such limiters are added then when the electricity cost is negative the app would automatically turn on every controlled device when the cost is negative (however it will also turn everything on when the cost is low, so may not be exactly what you want.)

Other options I am planning on adding is to allow to schedule the power-on state of selected devices to only be on the X cheapest hours within a certain interval (currently it’s only available for car charging but I’m planning on generalizing the feature). I could also make a price threshold for the power on state if needed.

Does any of these sound interesting?

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yeah and for inverter we probably need to do this , mostly they don’t have a plug

You mean to use that to cut the inverter connection to the grid?
My inverter stops when it doesn’t detect grid power, then I also can’t use my solar generated power as only source.

yes when you don’t have meters installed or have an option on your inverter to use only own consumption or put export on 0.

Requirement = to have meters installed.

Don’t you also need a battery in case you want to cut yourself from the grid completely? The production will never exactly equal the usage.

And in case you have a battery, what is the point of cutting yourself from the grid, don’t you want to charge the battery when the power is for free/negative? Then you can export from your battery later when the price is high again?

still connected to grid off course only disconnect the inverter , yep around 10w diff on the smart meter. yep . disconnect solar if you can and charge the batt from the grid.

but if you have no batt , disconnect your inverter also don’t do own consumption

Good inputs, I have tried to summarize what I need to do in the description of this ticket:

It’s not at the top of the priority list, but at least it’s on my radar.

Thank you for the input.

Though… I’m still a bit puzzled about the negative energy cost because the cost of the energy is not the only part of the equation, you also have the transport cost of the electricity and this is never negative. Thus if you sum those I don’t think there are many times you will have negative energy, is it? Or are there other factors that make the cost negative, like the temporary support arrangement from the government to account for the times when the energy cost is sky-rocketing?

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what I heard you are correct. so 0 or 5ct negative and using a lot of kwh still cost you money on transport cost. but with -25c you make money indeed

I see you had a lot of negative prices yesterday.
I suppose this is not very common but good to have it covered.
Strange situation though, I wonder what the market mechanics are that makes the seller want to give you money to buy power… Sounds like someone has been betting against the prices and need to get rid of the hedge before the prices drop too low because then they will lose even more money.

I worked for the system operator but mostly we have a lot of trouble with wind in denmark and north germany, energy just goes and find their way plus in DE clean energy has priority plus you need gas plant to easily scale down production on time. rest of the power plants this is harder.
if you don’t handle this, the net becomes very unstable and it is very risky. So we can only ask factories to startup or warm up lakes, pump water etc.
Or ask us to shutdown inverters or start washing etc.