Where is the new battery tab?

Homey 3.0 is apparently supposed to have a new tab showing the battery levels of all devices. I can’t find it anywhere in the app.

Or did I misunderstand the release notes?

Using app version (iOS) on Homey firmware 3.0.0.

It’s hidden in the upper right corner of the energy tab.

Hidden in plain sight that is.

Hmm. And where do I find the Energy tab? :slight_smile:

Log out of the mobile app by clicking more and then ur avatar. Log in again and see the magic happen.

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Ah, logging out and back in did the trick!

Didn’t care much for the energy tab (too few devices with measurements), but the battery tab is actually very useful!

didnt even know there was a battey tab, thats the problem with all that little icons on your screen which do something it is not always clear, thanks for the info