Where did the energy tab go,

I start to doubt myself, but I thought the Energy tab was at the bottom of the app (leaf icon). It’s not there anymore.

How do I access the Energy page?

It’s at the top of devices page now


On top op every zone

If there are at least energy consuming or generating devices.

Ah, great. Totally missed that.


What are the requirements to have this new app layout?
I’m on homey pro 2019 and apple app version and have old layout with energy tab at bottom

When your mobile platform updates your app to v7.3.x

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:thinking: Now I can’t find the option to report an issue. Must be losing my mind.

Anyone else having trouble with the selection of the parts in the
“consumption ring”? Most of the time I can switch to the largest part but not back to the smaller.

It was a bit hidden before, but this almost can’t be missed now :face_with_peeking_eye: :wink:

Or in mobile they call it surprisingly Support

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