Just got Homey 3.0.0 but can't see Energy tab

I received the EDM saying that version 3.0.0 has Homey Energy but I can’t see the tab as expected.
Is this a option I can’t find or a virtual device i need to add?
Or was the Energy feature dropped from the stable release of 3.0.0?

Thanks for the help.

Came up after a few hours.

Log off of your Homey app and logon again, that does the trick.

I had to reinstall the app

The energy icon on my ipad apeared after a homey reboot. On my iphone it apeared 3 days later automaticly, any reboot before had no effect.

Updated Honey first, then updated the iOS app and worked immediately

Thanks for the suggestions. I will give them a go.

Restarted Homey and the tab came up. Thanks!
I work in IT and I should know to “turn off and on again”. :grinning: