[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

The Aqara app needs an update to support the new T1 light sensor


got my new Cube T1 pro today, didn’t know it was the new model. I would also be pleased if the new cube was supported.


contact alarm logic reversal does not work. I am on test 1.9.0.


@JamesPigeon , works fine on Stable v1.9.0 for me. Added a T1 contact sensor last week (guessing that it is what you have included too). Running HP23 with 11.0.1-rc2 . What are you running?

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HP23 with 11.0.0. Its not a T1 door sensor. lumi.sensor_magnet.aq2

@JamesPigeon , Got several of that one. Tried to reverse it, worked like a charm. Included one as a new device, inverted it, worked like a charm. As a notice, it would be nice if you included the HP model and what sensor you included when you are posting. Might i suggest to try the rc. FW. of HP23?

Updated to rc2 did not help. Might be the test version of aqara.


There is no test version today.

The v1.9.0 was released to stable 2024.04.04, no test version available today:

Just reinstalled Aqara, no change, but does not say test anymore.

Then i do not know what is up with you’r setup, since it is working just fine with the same FW and App Version for me.

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Any plans to support the Aqara Smart Plug US version? I am not able to add it to homey pro, it gets added but cannot be controlled/managed. The model is ZNCZ12LM, SKU AP003USW01.


Any plans to add Single Rocker, WS-USC03 and Double Rocker, WS-USC04? When I add it just comes up as generic with little control. Thank you.

Hey, I went through the thread hopping to find up to date information regarding the Aqara Relay Module T2 running on Matter over Zigbee

It’s not listed in the supported devices but it doesn’t really have to since it’s running on Matter.
Has anyone managed to add and run automation with the T2 through Homey Pro please?
My use case would be to use it for my garage door opener.

There’s no such thing.

From what I can find, the device uses Zigbee to connect to the Aqara hub, which in turn supports Matter. Which means that for the device to work on Homey, there either needs to be Zigbee-support for it (when connected to Homey directly), or you need an Aqara hub and use Matter to connect to it from Homey.

And since it’s not listed as supported device for this app, the only way to get it working without an Aqara hub is to try and see if the generic Zigbee support for Homey can handle it.

I have Homey Pro v.11.0.0. Aqara application v.1.9.0. Every few days my Aqara Roller Stade Driver E1 leaves the network.

And how you add it back, via maintenance? If so, try to remove it completely and add back again.

I added it again due to maintenance. I will remove it completely and add it again.


I have a problem with aqara door sensors.

On developer’s page, last contact is ok (ie 4mn) but on homey’s app, sensor appears as closed, but door is open. I have 10 aqara door sensors on my homey.

Is there anything to do to resolve?

Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

I have restarted my homey without success.