[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

Go to particular device and go to settings → Maintenance → Repair.
Or simply pair it again without removing it (in case you are on HP19)

Hello ! Have you got any News about this topic ?

Hi @TedTolboom, is there any news whether H1 Triple switch will be supported soon?

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Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting in the app! Aqara also released a T1 light sensor, I’ve got one lying here at home. Can I help by providing information about it for any further updates?

Hi Ted,
Thanks, similar question to a couple of others. Is it on the roadmap to support the following products ?

  • Cube T1 Pro
  • Presence Sensor FP2 (I know it’s not Zigbee but if the Aqara app will extend to WiFi for this product)

I’m just trying to work out whether I wait for Aqara app support for either or continue working on other options through Homey.

This device has been supported for months already using the HomeKit Controller app.

Thanks, that is the path I was going to take but didn’t have a need to bring in HomeKit so wanted to see if might get support direct through Aqara app.

Unlikely to happen. Also, you don’t any Apple devices, or use HomeKit, to be able to use the HomeKit Controller app.

@TedTolboom Can you add button release function for Wireless Remote Switch H1 Double please?

I have recently migrated from Homey 2019 to 2023, and my Aqara devices migrated without any major issues. I am now on the test version of the app (1.8.7) to have working power reporting for some of the devices, and all seems well.

After the migration I added one temperature/humidity sensor (lumi.weather, the old type) which also works correctly, but on the dev tools page it shows as “Unknown” for the manufacturer. I have many of these sensors, and the ones that were migrated have “LUMI” as the manufacturer.

This isn’t a functional issue, but I am wondering why this is? I seem to recall this having been mentioned before, but I can’t find any references to it.

Wake up the device, run an interview, and see if that fixes it.

It fails interviewing, the error is:

Interview failed: (error: Failed to interview device (error: Missing Endpoint Descriptors))

I also tried repairing it, but it didn’t change anything (but the repairing process did work). However, as mentioned it is working just fine, I’m just wondering why it shows up with unknown manufacturer.

I did not try deleting it and then re-adding it, though. Not sure that would do anything either.

Is it possible to set the start and stop position of a roller shade driver from Homey, or do I need to add it to the aqara gateway and set the start and stop there?

It took less than 5 minutes of research to find the solution. And no, I don’t use the Roller Shade Driver E1 myself.


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Thanks, and sorry I couldn’t find it myself. I actually did try. I was not actually fully awake yet, I have to admit that.

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Is it possible to add the new GZCGQ11LM (aqara t1 light sensor 2023) to the aqara app on homey?


Please let me know if I can help you test!

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My Homey just got the new app version (1.9.0) and am quite disappointed. My aqara zigbee plugs that used to display the used watts did not change to 0 watts when I off them even after a restart and a PTP.
My homey pro 2023 is on FW 10.3.3
Update: one works after a while as expected. Another one not. It even refuses now to stay on still displaying some watts. A repair did not change anything. I on it and it goes off immediately again.

Diag: 4747ff57-731b-47b8-a91a-ee0fcd7c97fa

Which one ? Have you submitted diag report ?

I don’t understand life anymore.
I didn’t do anything with my homey after my rant yesterday.
Now itlooks like my homey had to have a good nights rest to come back to it’s normal self. This morning after a short hiccup the aqara plug seems to work as it should.

Is it possible to add the aqara C2 curtain motor to the app?