[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

If there were any more information, it would have been posted here. It hasn’t. So no.

Asking this question is much more comfortable then reading all this posts, especially when you are not reading every day or every week in this forum. Thank you for your answer

You could have also just tried to use the search, or check the first post of this thread which contains a list of all supported devices, or check the app store page which also contains a list of all supported devices, or just conclude that the developer’s last post is the most recent information. You’re not the only person reading this thread, and your question decreases the SNR.


Kinda off-topic, but still not exactly - do you know if it’s a possibility to follow users on this forum, just like following a thread.

I’m annoyed as well about all the requests asking the same thing over and over again. I’d recon the ability to get pinged when TedTolboom posts anything, would help a bit reducing irrelevant inquiries.

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i am planning to buy aqara p1 motion detector.
how about the progress of adding it?

This has now been sorted using the ‘a scene has been activated card’ as a friend pointed out to me.

Thanks for a great app!

Did you not read any of the previous posts?


People don’t read history enough, specially when it’s far back in the thread (one would expect ppl to read at least the first and also last 10-20 posts)…
But on the other hand, it also show that the P1 interest still is there and many ppl still want/need this support. :slight_smile:
Let’s just cross fingers Ted get time to finish this, or if there is anything we commoners could do other than donate I’m sure he would tell us.

Yes, and only a few posts back the exact same question was asked (and answered).

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Could you stop with your unnecessary posts in the whole Forum? They are just annoying. You always give stupid answers that nobody needs, you don’t use homey, what is your mission?

Sorry for my unnecessary post but maybe I speak some from the soul

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I know it’s difficult to read that your precious P1’s (which you asked about 3 times already, talking about “unnecessary”) aren’t yet supported, but there’s absolutely no reason for people to keep asking about its status. Once support is added to the app, it will be made clear. Until then, just have patience.


Hi. I have the problem that all temperature sensors are stopping reporting the changes after a while, i have to remove and reinclude them again to work again.

does somebody have the same problems and maybe a solution for that problem?

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I have multiple (10?) and except of Xiaomi temperature sensor, they are pretty reliable (even the Xiaomi ones just have longer refresh rate from time to time). Check Developer interface for ZigBee part and probably you will need to rebuild your Zigbee network (ensure you have enough routers and add them among first). And always ensure you have fresh batteries on those sensors (even if re-adding works for while).

Is there anyone that knows how to add new devices to an app like this ?
what information is needed , where is it found etc etc ?

Yes. Here too.
I don’t get how it works. Some angles work and others don’t.

I don’t have any use for it the way it works now.

Not sure if it’s as designed or an issue in the app or the sensor.

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@TedTolboom any news about the fp1 sensor ?

I’m afraid you just need to be patient. It’s not in the test version of the app yet, and I would be surprised if it was, ref. the last post by app author TedTolboom about the roadmap. But when the FP1 is implemented, I’m sure it will be awesome! :smiley:

Does anyone experience some issues with aqara products since a few weeks? My sensors are responding but don’t trigger my flows.

Doorsensors work but don’t trigger flows
Also motionsensors seem to fail at triggering my flows

Tried restarting, power off the homey. Also restart the aqara app.

I can try to re-add the sensors maybe that helps?

I’ve just released v1.5.0 to the app store, waiting for Athom’s review and release.

This version includes adding support for the Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1, battery reporting optimizations and updated device naming conventions.

v1.5.0 can be installed at this moment through the test environment of the app store


Thx for the update, @TedTolboom
Great to see you’re back!

Installed the testversion and everything seems to be working fine (got no roller shades).