App 3.1.0 and energy

In my app the type of batteries is not there showing? Has someone some ansver for that?

The battery types have to specified by the app developers. ( Info page for the developers: )
For the Popp App it’s added in the beta version of the app. Others I don’t know the state now.


Hi there Conny, just like mapulu says the batteries must be defined by the developer of the apps, and alot of work is right now put into updating apps… not only for the battery types but all new functions that energy provide.

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Hi! Ok i understand, i use Sensative strip, and Telldus Z-wave sensors. Just have to wait an see. Thanks for your quick replay​:+1::+1:

And u wanna know what type of battery is used in the Sensative strips??

Haha! Not them, but telldus sensors and wether stations, and multisensors for example!

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